Writers International Edition


Homecoming: Poem by Johanna Devadayavu

August 5, 2023
In my dream stealing away into sparkling stary array Out beyond the dark of midnight sky ever soaring high Passing the lovely lantern-like boon our homely moon Hugging countless stars while whizzing by ...
Savitaa Jitesh Tandale

WHO AM I? Poem by Savitaa Jitesh Tandale

July 27, 2023
Amidst the shadows, I seek my true self, as night surrenders to day's embrace, The moon beckons, and the sun rekindles hope, illuminating the path to self-discovery. Through countless lifetimes, this quest to find myself ...

Thank You: Poem by Shiny Ajit

June 12, 2023
Sometimes All you need to say - Is "Thank you." You may have .... Everything you Need. Yet a little gift from someone, Is never Excess. All you need to say, Is "Thank you." Love is showered ... Never a ...


June 12, 2023
The rushing sound of water A sound some dread today. The deadly liquid life Striking fear into our hearts today! The walls smash, As water rushes through, Submerging our lives and homes, Wrecking our crops too! our dams ...

POEMS BY FABIO PETRILLI / Poetry / By Joan Josep Barcelo

May 26, 2023
SILENZIO Un tuffo nel silenzio tra ricordi passati. Cerco nella memoria voci e pensieri, rumorosi Fermo il pensiero, nuoto nel silenzio: giungono verità. Ancora mi rifugio in te giudice non sindacabile di questo mondo percosso dal tempo. Fragile ...

A MOTHER’S HEART: Poem by Irene Doura-Kavadia

May 16, 2023
Like a mother’s genuine heart Beating with love so deep and pure Mine feels – oh! - so full Of such unconditional love Ready true emotions to impart To those that are to me so ...

MOTHER MINE: Poem by Shalini Nandkeolyar

May 15, 2023
O Mother mine long did I walk on your holy bosom with my feet of sludge my burden of futile attachments hopeless clinging endless desires O Mother mine innumerable wounds did I inflict again and again on your pristine lap of alabaster, in hapless ...

SOULMATE: Poem by Preetha VR

April 22, 2023
On the other side, grim and bare, Devoid of a shining star, The spectacles display the marathon, Striving to finish it in short afar. In the midpoint, I see the Moon, my friend, Tickling me, ...

Colloquy: Poem by Naheed Akhtar

February 26, 2023
Can I utter what my heart does? Lub-dub, lub-dub, the palpation sounds; Noising like silent rocks sputter On the Cliffs high, Thundering the forest calm, What, to many like me, science this is! No passerby, no ...