Writers International Edition


Blackout Days: Poem by Preetha VR

Slung to the wind
Like a feather, that
Oozed up the fluffy clouds
Wish I were resilient but had a
Blackout, wrench off acquire frolic,
Chock-full vigour and bristle

Shielded my arms and limbs
All were cajoled and flattered
Stood deep into the dark
Could hear the snorts.
I wound up my paintings
Sheltered in and tore it down

Floppy topped with
Filthy water,
Slowly faded from the life held
Run out from the corpses
Gone away from the horde
Agony harsh though
Leaps to the pinnacle bud

I surrender to thee
Everything emerges out
Tactic planted disallows
Feel the aloofness in my fingers

Sunrays spread all my tissues
That thinning out into my cells
And breed the warmness.
Soundless rhythm, cadence, and harmony
Slowly fluttered my wings,
To wake up snoozing into milkweed.

Preetha VR

The Minarets: Poem by Arsha Bijer

Can you hear
the weary, aureate cry
from one of those minarets?
Climbing up five times a day
breaking almost all his bones
hurting his voice.
No soul finds it serene so far.
No flowers are sent by
a secret admirer either.
Prophet or poet?
I’m meant to perform
the soloist recital
from this concealed dome
cramped below the heavens
I can barely see the sky
through the latticed holes.
“In all my life, I’m keen
about what I do.
Passionate or
enduring the path to enlightenment?”
Prophet or poet?
It makes no difference.
The call should
reach far and wide
touch the terrain
echo everywhere
rush with the wind
and soon swoosh into
the ears of
each disciple.
Prophet or poet?
I’m here to line you all up
“Pray under your roof
know your presiding deity.”
Here is the first and final
call, for your prayer.

Poem by

About the Poet

Hailing from picturesque Kerala, Arsha Bijer is an aspiring poet. Her love for the written word extends beyond just poetry. She also enjoys creative writing and has penned a few short stories that have been praised for their vivid imagery and compelling characters. Her creative writing abilities have proven useful in her work as the Chief Communications Officer at Writers Capital International, where she often develops captivating content for various media platforms. Arsha’s passion for storytelling also led her to work as a creative head for a few short films, where she brought her unique vision to life through stunning visuals and relatable characters. Her writing not only showcases her creative talents, but also her dedication to making a positive social impact. She believes that writers have a responsibility to use their words to spread messages of compassion, empathy, and understanding. She hopes to use her creative writing to make a difference in the world. She lives in Abu Dhabi contributing greatly to the creative writing and advertising industry.

Cover Artist: Renasaj

A self-taught artist from India, residing in the Middle East, he tries to bring a unique style to each of his works, with different painting techniques. Nature is his favourite subject, and he likes to create unique textures and visual treats on canvas.

Homecoming: Poem by Johanna Devadayavu

In my dream stealing away into sparkling stary array
Out beyond the dark of midnight sky ever soaring high
Passing the lovely lantern-like boon our homely moon
Hugging countless stars while whizzing by with a smile…

Where had I gone after I was born?
Where had I been ere I was taught to ever win?
Where is reality who’s shadow is mere vanity?
Where is the song to take me home?

I keep rising bedazzled stunned and puzzled
Crossing nebulas in splendorous hues – no agendas
Feather-light at liberty from gravity’s toiling plight
Surpassing the paradigm of day and night…

After I was born on myriad twisted roads I had gone
Returned deep within I know there’s nothing to win
Beyond the vale of vanity dwells sanctity in eternal serenity
Where unified souls sing a song – taking me home.

Poem by
Johanna Devadayavu
© Johanna Devadayavu

Savitaa Jitesh Tandale

WHO AM I? Poem by Savitaa Jitesh Tandale

Amidst the shadows, I seek my true self,
as night surrenders to day’s embrace,
The moon beckons, and the sun rekindles hope,
illuminating the path to self-discovery.
Through countless lifetimes,
this quest to find myself persists,
“Who am I?” I ask, adorned in different guises,
each time anew.

In every fresh attire,
I venture forth to uncharted realms,
Yet, finding oneself in unfamiliar territories
proves an elusive pursuit.

Poem by
Savitaa Jitesh Tandale

About the Poet

Savitaa, an established and acknowledged abstract artist, believes in creativity as an essential part of her life. It is a journey of connecting herself deep within. Nature is her inspiration to travel on this creative path. She works and experiments with natural colours and, textures, shapes, and forms, and loves getting her hands dirty in a variety of colour mediums, like acrylic, watercolours, oil, and mixed media. Her focus is to paint the connectivity between nature and her feelings towards it. She explored and broadened her experience with Lino and wood prints during her academic period. Savitaa is currently living in Bangalore, India, persuaded her “Diploma in Art Teacher from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai (1997), and was also honoured with distinction, 4th rank in Maharashtra state in “Fine Art Diploma” from L. S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai (2001). She is a contemporary artist, who always tries to involve her audience in the form of abstraction to connect to nature and enjoy the present moment. Her painting style displays the soothing rhythm, the sound, and the music which is coming from nature. She believes that painting is not just a visual communication, but a silent poetry.

Thank You: Poem by Shiny Ajit

All you need to say –
Is “Thank you.”

You may have ….
Everything you Need.
Yet a little gift from someone,
Is never Excess.
All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

Love is showered …
Never a dearth of melodies.
Yet some new friends
Are good to you…
All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

In a world full of hustle and bustle,
Someone finds time for you,
To talk to you, to drop a message…
He may not mean anything to you.
But, all you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

If someone is being kind and gentle,
Accept, Accept, Accept…
For it’s a diminishing thing in mankind.
Repay the kindness, be gentle,
For, you are lucky, to receive.
So, All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

The Sun shines, the Wind blows –
Expect nothing in return.
Yet show Gratitude.
All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

Showing gratitude
doesn’t take away anything…
But being in Gratitude –
Fills you with loads of Abundance.
All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

Poem by
Shiny Ajit

About the author

Shiny Ajit is a versatile individual, excelling in various fields. As an entrepreneur, she established the Almond Blossoms Group and founded Bookceratops, a neighborhood lending library. Shiny is also a skilled freelance book reviewer, sharing her love for reading through independent assessments. She is an author, editor, and translator, contributing to publications and English-Malayalam books. Additionally, Shiny advises parents and teachers on cultivating reading habits for children. With a passion for art and culture, she has worked in the cine field and has experience in the IT industry. Shiny Ajit is a dynamic figure, making significant contributions as a writer, editor, and advocate for literature.


The rushing sound of water
A sound some dread today.
The deadly liquid life
Striking fear into our hearts today!
The walls smash,
As water rushes through,
Submerging our lives and homes,
Wrecking our crops too!
our dams breach ;
Showing our impending doom ;
Rupturing our lives
Water goes splash!
The buildings go CRASH!
Bashing our shelter.
Like a tower of jenga
Snow-caps melt
And rain pelts us too ;
Because of this
Excess flow
The water surges through
As destructive as an earthquake
The riverbed rises ;
Covering the land,
And ruining lives .
Nowhere’s safe
When dams break!
Inundating the town.
Animals and humans alike
Flee to the water,
losing homes and lives

And water rushes through.
The polluted, desecrated rivers,
Decide to burst its banks
And the levees collapse too,
And the waters come rushing in,
Finalising our fate …
We plant more trees
To fulfill natures need
We reduce
Our huge Greed
We clean the water
And prevent slaughter
That floods bring
By doing
Your little thing

Stop nature’s rage
And save us all

Poem by
Austin Ajit

About the author

Austin Ajit, a ten-year-old from Bangalore, India, defies expectations with his extraordinary interests and talents. He is a young naturalist, author, avid reader, storyteller, and child artist. Austin actively engages in wildlife conservation forums, draws inspiration from renowned naturalists, and passionately advocates for nature. With a knack for drawing and painting, he brings his love for nature to life through captivating artwork. Austin has already published three books, including “Grandma and Austin’s Plant Kingdom” and “Austin’s Dino World.” His works enchant readers with imaginative storytelling and vivid illustrations. At such a young age, Austin is a shining example of how passion and talent can make a positive impact.

POEMS BY FABIO PETRILLI / Poetry / By Joan Josep Barcelo


Un tuffo nel silenzio
tra ricordi passati.
Cerco nella memoria voci e pensieri, rumorosi

Fermo il pensiero, nuoto nel silenzio: giungono verità.
Ancora mi rifugio in te
giudice non sindacabile di questo mondo
percosso dal tempo.
Fragile si scopre l’uomo.


La guardavo e mi innamoravo sempre di più.
Ero lì e sentivo il suo cuore sbattere più forte.
Annegavo nei suoi sogni fragili, nello spazio immenso dei suoi occhi limpidi.
Era bella, fragile
Dolce e semplice.
Delicatamente le sue labbra sfioravano le mie
E tutti e due ci perdemmo dentro il rosso di un tramonto,
inciampammo contro un bacio all’improvviso.
Le nostre anime erano legate dall’Amore.


Una lacrima scende lentamente su quel bel viso.
Silenziosa ha deciso di abitare nei tuoi occhi.
Silenziosa accarezza le tue guance e sfiora le tue labbra.
Quanti livori porta con sé
Tutto tace
Mi emoziono ancora una volta mentre guardo l’altra immagine che ha conservato di te.
L’asciugherò con tutto l’Amore che merita delicatamente sfiorando i tuoi occhi lucidi.
Ma tu promettimi che non piangerai più
Promettimi che se avrai bisogno di me
E non mi troverai,
mi cercherai in un sogno ed io sarò lì ad aspettarti
sarò lì pronto a proteggerti.


Fabio Petrilli (Foggia – Italia, 2000). He attended the E.Medi Scientific School of San Bartolomeo in Galdo (Benevento) where he currently lives. After finishing high school he understood that he possessed a burning passion for humanities, such as Italian Literature and Latin in particular, starting with writing texts, sentences and especially poems in 2020. He is currently studying at the University of Molise, in Campobasso, where he has undertaken the Faculty of Letters and Cultural Heritage. Through writing he manages to best express the emotions he has inside, to draw and create that perfect harmony of the senses that only through the right words and the right phonic combinations he manages to convey to the reader. The themes present in his poems vary and deal purely with topics related to Love in all its facets although themes related to Nature are also present. Everything is expressed through a language that we would dare to define as “polished and fluid”. Numerous literary authors of great national prominence have spoken of his poetic writing such as Paolo Melandri, Sebastiano Impalà, Marzia Carocci, Adriana Sabato (journalist correspondent at the “Quotidiano del Sud”), Filippo Minacapilli and Michela Zanarella. He has collaborated with the publishing house “Ivvi editore” where he is present in a book entitled “Poesia Italiana”, having received several honorable mentions from the publishing house “Aletti Editore”. His poems have been published in various national magazines such as: Leggere Poesia, Di Sesta and Settima Grandezza by the poet Alfredo Rienzi, Borderliber by Martino Ciano, Thetis La Ginestra magazine, L’Altrove – Appunti di poesie, the review “poetrydream” by the poet Antonio Spagnuolo, the literary magazines Limina Mundi by Deborah Mega and “Alla volta di Lèucade” by Nazario Pardini. Fabio Petrilli appears to us as a young revelation poet hoping, in the not too distant future, to publish his first book of poems. Undoubtedly a poetry to delve into the proposition of the great master Giuseppe Aletti that he likes to mention so much: “We write poetry so that human time can be defeated by the infinite projection of ourselves”.


A MOTHER’S HEART: Poem by Irene Doura-Kavadia

Like a mother’s genuine heart
Beating with love so deep and pure
Mine feels – oh! – so full
Of such unconditional love
Ready true emotions to impart
To those that are to me so dear
And all their troubles get to cure.

So full of wealth inside to offer
So rich in gems within to share
Used to giving open-handed
still a doubt lurking in the corner
– It is indeed because I too much care –
If all I give or have granted
Will ever be sufficient
For the people I love

I doubt if all I give them
Will also to my own mind be sufficient
And most of all, it’s tough,
I doubt if even my whole self,
If I get to gift it all away,
will ever be close enough

All I have to give is an open heart
a bounty, rich, vast land,
endless and limitless in colours,
a gift from the hand
promising never to be apart –

Will that ever be enough?
Silence, a dark veil all around,
but the image of a Mom
sheds holy light to abound

My question has been answered!
Now I know, with my courage gathered;

In the end, what truly counts
Is only the love we one another give
and how this actually amounts
on this planet we have come to live.

Poem by
©Irene Doura Kavadia

MOTHER MINE: Poem by Shalini Nandkeolyar

O Mother mine
long did I walk
on your holy bosom
with my feet of sludge
my burden of futile
hopeless clinging
endless desires

O Mother mine
innumerable wounds
did I inflict again
and again
on your pristine
lap of alabaster,
in hapless births
of dark despair.

O Mother mine
You held me
clasped still
in your arms
of infinite compassion
silently comforting,
At times shaking me
with lessons
of pain unbearable
yet shielded ever
by your deluge
of love infinite

O mother Mine
my gentle sculptor!
I know not when
You chiseled away
layers after layers
of barren debris
from lifetimes past
I became your tiny
stone of melting tears
of ceaseless penance

O Mother mine
I know not when
Your forgiving waters
of cascading Grace
Washed over
this tiny pebble.
icebergs melted
Your mighty river
of boundless mercy
carried me tenderly
closer and closer
home to you

O Mother mine
You bathed me
with your rays of light
I became
Your soft glow
of light divine
content to flow
with your river’s tide
of highs and lows

O mother Mine
in the hush
of silent nights
when your silvery moon
poured peace alone
on the tranquil waters
I listened intently
to the river’s hymns
of eternal truth
of timeless wisdom

O Mother mine
You touched me
with your immortal
of pure ecstasy
Spirits soared
I don’t know when
I became a speck
of dust
yearning for nothing
but to be
at your Lotus Feet.

O Mother mine
let me flow
to the journey’s end
holding you
adoringly, reverently
the way the breeze
your sacred fragrance
I melt into your river
The river merges
into your ocean.

Poem by
Shalini Nandkeolyar

SOULMATE: Poem by Preetha VR

On the other side, grim and bare,
Devoid of a shining star,
The spectacles display the marathon,
Striving to finish it in short afar.

In the midpoint, I see the Moon, my friend,
Tickling me, “Hey Sun, do you remember me?”
My words reached the depths of the night,
I could feel its power, all around me.

My symphonic breath whispers stealthy from thee,
Oh, Moon, you have touched my heart,
Your glow has illuminated my path,
And I feel grateful for this special part.

So, I’ll keep running this marathon,
Through the highs and lows,
Knowing that with every stride,
I’ll reach where the Moonlight glows.

Poem by
Preetha VR