Writers International Edition


I AM STILL ALIVE: Poem by Mika Vlacović Vladisavljević

September 1, 2022
I have not been allowed To find my imagined horizons Neither harmonious place nor time, Neither hoping nor action; All my grand hopes Got turned into ice With blood that painted horrors Within the days which were ...
Poem by Mohamed Azumee 

GIRL: Poem by Mohamed Azumee 

August 19, 2022
She looked through her window, but what was in front of her- Was not the green of a garden nor the blues of the ocean; Just bars forming a cell, confining her ...
Poem by Navneet Grewal

MATERNAL ROLES : Poem by Navneet Grewal

July 27, 2022
Today it asks for more a part of me it takes ashore mutating which each bond a celebration to denounce duly awkward requests piercing her existence yet a sage of sacrificing in bits aghast with what ...
THE OTHER SIDE OF AETHER poem by vaslilici

THE OTHER SIDE OF AETHER: Poem by Vasiliki Dragouni

July 26, 2022
Darkness is approaching my window, looks thoughtfully at my tangled hands and withdraws into silence. You live there now, where you can hear the voices of the sea, where you can wear snow-like a ...

I PAINT: Poem by Smaragdi Mitropoulou

July 20, 2022
Ι paint a sun ... a basil on the windowsill… and a love among the bougainvillaeas. Ι paint a well with water to quench your thirst a nightingale to sing to you and a moon to keep you company ...

MOONLESS NIGHT: Poem by Arsha Bijer

July 17, 2022
She is fifteen A half-moon in a little frame, Dwelling in fairy tale Despite of all controversies Pretty frock frills that strive hard to conceal the- blobs of flesh on her chest, Always ended up- with a candied mouth. She ...

Unchained Dreams: Poem by Devika V M

July 11, 2022
The decisive patch- Paved way towards the middle. I could collect, I could hustle, I could ensure - Your endorsing memory. I keep reading and reading, Pouncing into myself, Keeping all the secrets die in me. The dumbfounded man- Keep watching me. Ferocity or ...