Writers International Edition


Mother Earth’s Pain: Poem by Austin Ajit

January 7, 2023
Our agony-filled mother Whose children we tend to slaughter. Who weeps for humans' self-indulgence? Zillions of critters are lost To our inhuman deeds. To our ceaseless needs. But ! Mother’s smile is what we need. Hey Human! You ...

Doctor’s Dreams: Story by Ali Jafar oglu

September 5, 2022
The plane, circling in the air, began to descend. After a while, a green forest became visible, giving a special beauty to the village, the fast-flowing river Akstafa, shrubs that ...

I AM STILL ALIVE: Poem by Mika Vlacović Vladisavljević

September 1, 2022
I have not been allowed To find my imagined horizons Neither harmonious place nor time, Neither hoping nor action; All my grand hopes Got turned into ice With blood that painted horrors Within the days which were ...

The restart of the Race for the cure

July 17, 2022
On 5-8 May 2022, the XXII edition of the Race for the cure took place in Rome, in the historical setting of the Circus Maximus, organised by Komen Italia, under ...