Writers International Edition



February 14, 2023
I’m here, as faded afterglow; sprouted decades ago. What remains is the specimen of endurance; arching over all the mortal souls. Dear patron, I’m here, chagrined beyond shape; That can’t be refurbished. I’m here, bleary-eyed undead and wiped out, fretting over the past; clenching ...

Mi último aliento: Poem by Alejandra Veruschka

February 10, 2023
Es pleno día y el sol ya no alumbra como antes, las tinieblas envuelven el entorno de nuestra aldea. Se aproxima una tormenta de arena, no se puede respirar, se escucha como silbidos ...

TARGET: Poem by Aneek Chatterjee

January 27, 2023
Evening wraps up the day and unfolds a long night. The old eagle finally settles down on the big, tall tree. In this juncture of orange lights, someone whispers: the night ahead is long; try to sail ...

THE GENDER IMBALANCE: Poem by Jernail S Aanand

January 8, 2023
If you go anywhere, You find men and men And few women Are they really small in number? No, they are forced within The four walls. Now 'thankfully', Homes have lost two walls And roof too is cracked And ...