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Writers International Edition Presents Award-Winning Book ‘The Glossary of Dialysis’ by Elena Magiati-Karabi and Pantelis Hatzis

Writers International Edition is delighted to announce the highly anticipated presentation of the internationally acclaimed book “The GLOSSARY of DIALYSIS” by authors Elena Mayati-Karabi and Pantelis Hatzis.

This second improved edition of the glossary serves as an invaluable alphabetical guide, specifically written for kidney patients while also raising awareness and informing the general public about organ donation.

The inaugural national presentation of the book will take place on Saturday, June 10, at 7:00 pm at the Industrial Heritage Documentation Center of the Municipality of Naoussa, Eria Hall (Lanara Bros & F. D.. Pehlivanou, Naoussa 592 00).

Dora Baltatzidou, Deputy Mayor of Finance-Administration, will serve as the moderator of the event, while the greeting will be delivered by Kyriazis Kolvatzis, the owner of Dialysis Clinic Iasis and an Obstetrician-Gynaecologist.

The panel of distinguished guests, hailing from diverse fields of knowledge, will share their perspectives on the book:

  1. Angeliki Kompoholi: Philologist, Dr. University of Athens, Lecturer at the European Institute of Communication, Writer, and Member of the Writers Capital Foundation.
  2. Panagiota Veneti: Nephrologist, scientific manager M.T.N Transbalkan Medical Center of Thessaloniki & collaborator Dialysis Clinic Iasis.
  3. Theodoros Hiras: Nephrologist, ESY Director, Sismanoglio GN Attica.
  4. Haroula Beka: Head of M.X.A Iassis.
  5. Giorgos Sardelis: Economist, Author, and Member of the Writers Capital Foundation.

Additionally, Prof. Irene Doura Kavadia, Comparative & Computational Linguist and Secretary General of Writers Capital Foundation, will speak on behalf of Writers International Edition. The event has received the esteemed patronage of the Municipality of Naoussa, highlighting the local support for this significant literary presentation.

Communication sponsors for the event include Writers Capital International Foundation, Youth WCIF, Academy Language Centres, Hellenic Media Group, and Museum Radio Thessaloniki. This momentous occasion promises to be an enriching and enlightening experience for all attendees, celebrating the remarkable achievements of Elena Mayati-Karabi and Pantelis Hatzis in creating “The GLOSSARY of DIALYSIS.”

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