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The rushing sound of water
A sound some dread today.
The deadly liquid life
Striking fear into our hearts today!
The walls smash,
As water rushes through,
Submerging our lives and homes,
Wrecking our crops too!
our dams breach ;
Showing our impending doom ;
Rupturing our lives
Water goes splash!
The buildings go CRASH!
Bashing our shelter.
Like a tower of jenga
Snow-caps melt
And rain pelts us too ;
Because of this
Excess flow
The water surges through
As destructive as an earthquake
The riverbed rises ;
Covering the land,
And ruining lives .
Nowhere’s safe
When dams break!
Inundating the town.
Animals and humans alike
Flee to the water,
losing homes and lives

And water rushes through.
The polluted, desecrated rivers,
Decide to burst its banks
And the levees collapse too,
And the waters come rushing in,
Finalising our fate …
We plant more trees
To fulfill natures need
We reduce
Our huge Greed
We clean the water
And prevent slaughter
That floods bring
By doing
Your little thing

Stop nature’s rage
And save us all

Poem by
Austin Ajit

About the author

Austin Ajit, a ten-year-old from Bangalore, India, defies expectations with his extraordinary interests and talents. He is a young naturalist, author, avid reader, storyteller, and child artist. Austin actively engages in wildlife conservation forums, draws inspiration from renowned naturalists, and passionately advocates for nature. With a knack for drawing and painting, he brings his love for nature to life through captivating artwork. Austin has already published three books, including “Grandma and Austin’s Plant Kingdom” and “Austin’s Dino World.” His works enchant readers with imaginative storytelling and vivid illustrations. At such a young age, Austin is a shining example of how passion and talent can make a positive impact.

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Irene Doura
Irene Doura
10 months ago

Raising awareness on environmental issues and crying out loud in favour of Mother Earth is definitely something we do not expect of a 10-year-old. This proves to us, however, that there is hope. There is a ray of light amidst the darkness of indifference. Keep it up, dear Austin, inspiring your contemporaries. This is perhaps the only way we can make it to the next century!

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