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Thank You: Poem by Shiny Ajit

All you need to say –
Is “Thank you.”

You may have ….
Everything you Need.
Yet a little gift from someone,
Is never Excess.
All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

Love is showered …
Never a dearth of melodies.
Yet some new friends
Are good to you…
All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

In a world full of hustle and bustle,
Someone finds time for you,
To talk to you, to drop a message…
He may not mean anything to you.
But, all you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

If someone is being kind and gentle,
Accept, Accept, Accept…
For it’s a diminishing thing in mankind.
Repay the kindness, be gentle,
For, you are lucky, to receive.
So, All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

The Sun shines, the Wind blows –
Expect nothing in return.
Yet show Gratitude.
All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

Showing gratitude
doesn’t take away anything…
But being in Gratitude –
Fills you with loads of Abundance.
All you need to say,
Is “Thank you.”

Poem by
Shiny Ajit

About the author

Shiny Ajit is a versatile individual, excelling in various fields. As an entrepreneur, she established the Almond Blossoms Group and founded Bookceratops, a neighborhood lending library. Shiny is also a skilled freelance book reviewer, sharing her love for reading through independent assessments. She is an author, editor, and translator, contributing to publications and English-Malayalam books. Additionally, Shiny advises parents and teachers on cultivating reading habits for children. With a passion for art and culture, she has worked in the cine field and has experience in the IT industry. Shiny Ajit is a dynamic figure, making significant contributions as a writer, editor, and advocate for literature.

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1 year ago

Gratitude makes our life graceful,Thank you Shini ma’am for your harmonious lines, which had shared with us.

Irene Doura
Irene Doura
1 year ago

Gratitude! The key word towards inner fulfilment and abundance.
Wonderfully-penned, Shiny!

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