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Writer’s Capital Foundation’s Panorama Golden Book Awards 2023 winners announced

The Writer’s Capital Foundation announced the Panorama Golden Book Awards today. The awards are presented to the best entries received during the Panorama international literature festival that was held from 1-31 January 2023. The foundation congratulated all participants of the festival and the awardees who exhibited the highest standards in their literary works.

The Golden Book Awards went to Sunil Sharma from Canada, Christos Sanos from Greece, Joan Josep Barcelo from Spain, Sotiria Kyrmanidou from Greece, Xenia Yerolemidou from Spain, Saiyid Zaidi from India, and Konstantina Kontomari from Greece. The Panorama International Book Awards were presented to Elena Magiati-Karabi, Pantelis Hatzis, Dr Ramakrishna Perugu, Giorgos Sardelis, Marianella Salapatas, Prof. Sreemati Mukherjee from India, Jenny Sakorafa, Katerina Erakleous, Smaragdi Mitropoulou, Arun Bhaskar from India, Gloria Castaño de Martinez from Colombia, Alejandra Brañes Araya from Chile, Prof. Sreemati Mukherjee from India, Lauren Clark from Thailand, and Ivis Campos from the USA.

The Special Jury Awards were presented to Minti Gogoi from India, Dhanonjoy Saha from the USA, Md Mizanur Rahman from India, Christian A. Chávez Tejada from Peru, Isabella Sordi from Italy, Maria Retali, Dimitrios Karousis, and Manos Melissourgakis from Greece.

Preeth Nambiar, the president and CEO of the foundation, stated that the awards were indicators of the set guidelines and were decided by a jury consisting of eminent writers and academicians. The award certificates are being processed now, and the awardees will be communicated separately in the coming days, according to Writers Capital Foundation Secretary General Irene Doura Kavadia. The foundation’s Chief Operating Officer Johanna Devadayavu reminded the importance of more books to spread humanitarian values and congratulated the awardees.

The festival aims to foster humanitarian values through the media of arts and literature and to help cultural exchange between nations to promote global peace and harmony. The Panorama International Literature Festival is an annual, multilingual literary festival founded in 2020 by Preeth Nambiar, an English poet and humanitarian, under the Writers Capital Foundation, an international non-profit, non-political, and non-religious literary organization for writers and creators across the world.

The festival aims at inspiring writers to spread humanitarian values through their literary works. Prominent writers from across the world are a part of the festival in which themes that are relevant to the concept of one world are being celebrated.


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Irene Doura
Irene Doura
1 year ago

Congratulations to all Panorama International Literature Festival BOOK AWARD finalists and awardees from 78 countries that with their mighty works promote literature and the values of humanity!

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