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Ana Delia Mejía Oliveros

Ana Delia Mejía Oliveros: A Journey through Love, Solitude, and Poetry

In the vibrant city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia, Ana Delia Mejía Oliveros’s journey into the realm of poetry began as a childhood love affair. A graduate in Public Accounting from the University of Santiago de Cali in 1982, Ana Delia took an unexpected turn in her professional life, dedicating over 30 years to accounting consultancy.

Beneath the surface of her numerical expertise lies the heart of a poet, weaving verses with a free-flowing elegance that transcends the constraints of meter. Her poetry, a tapestry of emotions drawn from the wellspring of her soul and everyday experiences, has earned her the title of the poet of Love and Solitude.

While her career path led her through the corridors of accounting, Ana Delia’s passion for poetry remained steadfast. She serves at a public health center, and during her leisure hours, she immerses herself in the world of literature, reading and writing poetry that reflects her daily life and evokes poignant narratives.

A proud member of Utopia Poetica Universal, with a branch in California, Ana Delia actively participates in events, dynamics, and literary encounters, sharing her poetic creations with a global audience. Additionally, she contributes to the Poetic Group, Letras y Sentimientos, enriching the collective expression of poetry.

Welcoming a new chapter in her literary journey, Ana Delia joined the Writers Capital Foundation, eagerly anticipating her participation in the Panorama International Literature Festival 2024. For her, this is not just an event; it’s a profound honor to stand alongside illustrious writers and poets, presenting her verses to a global audience.

In the serene landscapes of California, Ana Delia Mejía Oliveros continues to intertwine the threads of her life into poignant narratives and verses, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of poetry.

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