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Dr Aparna Pradhan

Dr. Aparna Pradhan: A Literary Luminary Nurturing Words and Artistry

In the realm of literature and art, Dr. Aparna Pradhan stands as a beacon of creativity, wielding words and brushes with equal finesse. A bilingual writer, poetess, and artist, her journey in the world of letters has been nothing short of remarkable.

With five books to her credit, including Hindi poetry gems like “Ek Anjuri Khushbu,” “Nareetv Ka Astitva,” and the storybook “Triaayami,” Dr. Aparna Pradhan weaves tales that resonate with the essence of life. Her literary canvas extends beyond books, contributing to over 45 anthologies and penning around 350 articles in international and national publications.

Not confined to the written word, Dr. Pradhan’s artistic prowess is showcased on the cover pages of her books, where her paintings serve as visual doorways into the realms of her literary creations. Her commitment to the environment is reflected in life-size posters erected by the Forest Department of Goa, featuring her poem “मेरी आवाज़ सुनो,” advocating for the importance of trees in preserving Mother Earth.

Dr. Aparna Pradhan’s literary odyssey is adorned with prestigious awards, including the Savitribai Dada Saheb Phalke Women Achievers Award (2023), the Golden Book Awards 2023 for “Nareetv Ka Astitva,” and the Asian Literary Society’s recognition with the Indian Women Achievers Award – Literature (2022). The Munshi Prem Chand Award, Bhartiya Kalaa Vibhushan Award, and the Annual Wordsmith Awards further attest to her literary prowess.

Beyond accolades, Dr. Pradhan uses her artistic gifts for a noble cause. Actively participating in charity shows, she contributes her paintings to raise funds for educating underprivileged children, embodying the spirit of compassion and creativity.

Her commitment to recognizing and encouraging literary talent extends to the awards and medals she has instituted in memory of her parents. The ‘Prof. Dr M.N. Saxena Memorial Award for Best English Fiction Book’ and ‘Smt. Tara Rani Saxena Memorial Award for Best English Poetry Collection’ serve as a tribute to her familial roots and a nurturing hand extended to emerging literary talents.

In every stroke of her brush and every word she pens, Dr. Aparna Pradhan breathes life into the realms of literature and art, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

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Surekha Sahu
Surekha Sahu
5 months ago

Great, many congratulations

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