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A LITTLE BEFORE TURNING SIXTY - Poem by Alkyoni Papadakis

A LITTLE BEFORE TURNING SIXTY – Poem by Alkyoni Papadakis

A little before turning 60 I learnt to love my every cell.
To balance between my needs and my wants without swaying.
To have confidence in myself without requiring anyone’s confirmation.
To accept me for all those things I did right, but also for my mistakes.

To make my own choices without any interference from others.
I learnt to dream without being afraid,
To hope without becoming a coward.
To give me without spending me in the process.

I learnt that the greatest values ​​of our lives-
Are hidden in the smallest and everyday things.
The most beautiful moments I share with people who deserve them.
The most important ones are those moments that carry bits of our souls.

And the most beautiful ones are those that shaped our existence.
Just before turning 60, I learnt to estimate people through actions –
Not through words.
I estimate them all in the end – not at the beginning of our acquaintance.

I accept them as they are without trying to change them.
I enjoy my solitude. I enjoy my sorrows.
I coexist harmoniously with my fears and my weaknesses.
I give myself unconditionally, I love without limitations.

I feel without barriers and boundaries, I trust without a doubt.
I learnt that mistakes are human weaknesses and forgiveness is a great power.
I know that the greatest wealth on this earth is within us.
That people that have suffered the most are the ones with the most wonderful smile.

The most dignified are those who hide their tears in their brightest gaze.
And the happiest are those who have discovered themselves.
We have learnt the biggest lessons from the people who have passed through our life.
The most beautiful piece of knowledge is the one given to us by experience.

Each of our wounds is also a badge of wisdom.
Our every pain is a prize of courage and endurance.
Every new day is a divine gift and a great blessing.
I learned to say NO to others where I have to say YES to myself.

I have learnt to get away with dignity from where I am redundant.
I learnt not to accept any demoting regarding my morals or dignity.
I learned to cherish my peace of mind and take care of my physical health.
I colour the canvas of my life with beautiful colours that warm my existence.

I recognize my limits. I tame my patience. I keep my cool.
I review daily my opinions and I respect the opinions of others.
I look behind people’s sad looks. I observe from behind closed shutters.
I listen behind blocked silences.

Just before turning 60, I learnt… what a beautiful short journey our life is!
A journey with a wonderful view.
It is sufficient for us to open the windows of our souls and face the world every day,
Because happiness is a lifestyle!

Alkyoni Papadakis
(renowned Greek author)
©Alkyoni Papadakis


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