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Our Body is a mirror of our Emotions and our Soul

Our Body is a mirror of our Emotions and our Soul

Have you ever wondered what your soul would look like if it took a human form?
We know it all so well, as proven scientifically, that our emotions cause changes in our body and, ultimately, our health.
Scientists and health advisors, as well as everyday people, have realized by experience that:
 Whenever you ignore or do not “listen” to your discontentment or discomfort, your body will respond to you
with a headache.
 Whenever you oppress your anger, then it will respond with gastritis.
 Whenever you don’t deal with your fears but only try to bury them, they will cause you constipation.
 Whenever you don’t express some “No’s” that have to be said, then your body will respond with stomach
 If you don’t follow your passion, it might bring on a sort of cell poisoning (skin diseases, heart disorders, etc.)
 If you don’t listen to your creativity and your talents, this will result in weight gain.
 If you don’t address negative influences by external causes, it will bring on a rash (dermatitis).
 If you don’t speak out your truth, then your thyroid will show you symptoms of malfunction.

We need not only feed our body but the soul and spirit as well. Therefore, if we don’t feed all three aspects of our essence and neglect our spirituality, inevitably we will have a body prone to getting sick.
We are not taught so, but we can find a way to “listen” to our own needs. Every unaddressed and neglected feeling leaves a scar on our body and organs, which is undeniable.
Our body is a mirror of our emotions and our soul. Let us cherish and protect it.

Olga Acheimastou
©Olga Acheimastou

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1 year ago

Congratulations on this wonderful article Olga ‘Ολγα Αχειμάστου! Indeed absolutely important to cherish and protect the triptych mind, body and soul.

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