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THE TRUTH, I’M COGNIZANT OF: Poem by Dr Bhawani Shankar Nial

The truth is known
fully well that
all that I claim
to be mine today,
all my affluence,
my prosperties, my landed
properties and
my great domain,
shall parish away one day.

It’s a truth that
everything shall pass away:
this soothing morning and
its great effects,
the great historical day,
the footprints of the first
glistening sun
of the free country and
the magnetic effect
of the night prelude to
the Great Freedom.

I know that,
my pride throne will not be
there from tomorrow,
there will be no kingdom and
its innocent subjects,
there will be no power,
no rivals to fight with,
and no sycophants
will be seen buzzing around
me from tomorrow morning.

I know the truth that
I know nothing, nothing at all
I knew nothing ever before.

But, I’m sure
I know why I born and
why should I die one day

I know the secrets
of my death
as my enemies
may get success one day
in their heinous conspiracy
against me.

Though they failed
many a times during
my short – stay with this body
they will definitely
get success one day,
the very day of my death.

Original Poem by
Dr. Bhawani Shankar Nial

Translated by
Dr.Tapan Kumar Rath

About the author

Bhawani Shankar Nial is a poet, editor, thinker and human rights activist. Originally an Odia poet of high repute, he also writes in Hindi. He is the author of three poetry collections in Odia (Srusti, Pachash Barshara Pachash Phasala, Jhiara Chitrakhata), two in Hindi and two in English (An Encounter with Death, Lockdown). He is the Chief Editor of The Mahuri, a widely circulated Odia literary magazine. His poetry embodies a hieroglyphic manifestation on variegated minutiae of human conditions and relationships. His poetic oeuvre is impregnated with multidimensional themes of love and longings at one hand and unmusical themes of bread, food, hunger etc. on the other. This anthology, a compilation of his poems on death consciousnessis, is Bhawani’s first poetry collection in English.


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