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Musing by a Riverbank" by Dr Attrayee Adhya Chatterjee Presented to Dr. Veena Singh, Principal of G.D. Binani P.G. College Dr Veena Singh

Proud Moment for G.D. Binani P.G. College: ‘Musing by a Riverbank’ Presented to Dr. Veena Singh, Principal

In a significant event, Dr. Attrayee Adhya Chatterjee, author of the book “Musing by a Riverbank,” presented her debut work to Professor (Dr.) Veena Singh, Principal of G. D. Binani P. G. College in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. The ceremony, held at the college premises today, marked a notable milestone in both literary and academic spheres.

G. D. Binani P. G. College, renowned for its academic excellence and vibrant scholarly community, warmly welcomed Dr. Chatterjee’s literary contribution. Professor (Dr.) Veena Singh, a distinguished figure in the academic realm and Principal of the institution since 2021, received the book with appreciation and encouragement.

During the presentation ceremony, Professor (Dr.) Veena Singh commended Dr. Attrayee Adhya Chatterjee for her remarkable achievement, emphasizing the importance of literature in enriching the academic environment. The event underscored the college’s commitment to fostering intellectual growth and promoting cultural exchange within its academic community.

As “Musing by a Riverbank” becomes part of the college’s literary landscape, it is poised to inspire readers with its poignant reflections and artistic depth. The occasion highlighted the college’s dedication to supporting literary endeavors and celebrating the achievements of its faculty and alumni.

International launch of “The Adventures of Roulis Nefroulis” to be held on July 2

Athens: The international launch of ‘The Adventures of Roulis Nefroulis’ will be held on July 2, at 8 pm at the Event Hall of Serafio of the Municipality of Athens. A number of prominent personalities, representatives of the Literary Field, the Academic community, as well as distinguished representatives from the field of Medicine and other scientific fields will attend the programme.

‘The Adventures of Roulis Nefroulis’ a tale by Elena Magiati-Karabi and Pantelis Hatzis tells the story of “Roulis Nefroulis”, which is available for free distribution to children undergoing treatment in nephrology units in the country. The national launching of the book published by Writers International Edition was held on June 4 in Naoussa, Greece.

The international launching event will be coordinated by Saia Tsaousidou, International President of the Association of European Journalists AEJ. The former Minister of Insurance and Labor Dimitris Stratoulis, Dr. Theodoros Hiras, Nephrologist at Sismanogleio General Hospital of Attica, and Theofanis Apostolou, former President & current Scientific Associate of the Hellenic Nephrological Society, will talk about the book. Eleni Barbalia, a graduate of the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory, will recite dramatized excerpts from the book. Authors Elena Magiati-Karabi and Pantelis Hatzis will talk about their book, which touched the delicate strings of young and old, as well as the major issue of organ donation.

“Reading books and engaging children in similar activities is extremely necessary when you are trying to bring them back to a healthy life”, advocate the authors Elena Magiati-Karabi and Pantelis Hatzis. “As children are the future of a country, we believe that this book will benefit many children in Greece to keep hope intact and continue to fight”, they added. The authors are currently working on their next books, with the aim of giving courage and hope to children suffering from other diseases.

The Award Ceremony of the Panorama International Literature Festival International conducted by Writers Capital International Foundation will also be held along with the book launch. The world record-winning programme was held from 1-31 January this year gathering writers from 65 countries and 6 continents. Secretary-General of Writers Capital International Foundation Irene Doura-Kavadia will present the awards to the awardees. Along with the Panorama awards, the Golden Book Awards 2022, as well as the Inspirational Women’s Awards 2021-22 will also be presented to esteemed Greek authors and Ladies who excelled in their field and placed themselves in the service of humanity.