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Musing by a Riverbank" by Dr Attrayee Adhya Chatterjee Presented to Dr. Veena Singh, Principal of G.D. Binani P.G. College Dr Veena Singh

Proud Moment for G.D. Binani P.G. College: ‘Musing by a Riverbank’ Presented to Dr. Veena Singh, Principal

In a significant event, Dr. Attrayee Adhya Chatterjee, author of the book “Musing by a Riverbank,” presented her debut work to Professor (Dr.) Veena Singh, Principal of G. D. Binani P. G. College in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. The ceremony, held at the college premises today, marked a notable milestone in both literary and academic spheres.

G. D. Binani P. G. College, renowned for its academic excellence and vibrant scholarly community, warmly welcomed Dr. Chatterjee’s literary contribution. Professor (Dr.) Veena Singh, a distinguished figure in the academic realm and Principal of the institution since 2021, received the book with appreciation and encouragement.

During the presentation ceremony, Professor (Dr.) Veena Singh commended Dr. Attrayee Adhya Chatterjee for her remarkable achievement, emphasizing the importance of literature in enriching the academic environment. The event underscored the college’s commitment to fostering intellectual growth and promoting cultural exchange within its academic community.

As “Musing by a Riverbank” becomes part of the college’s literary landscape, it is poised to inspire readers with its poignant reflections and artistic depth. The occasion highlighted the college’s dedication to supporting literary endeavors and celebrating the achievements of its faculty and alumni.

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