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Global Vision Summit 2024

Global Vision Summit 2024: A Beacon of Unity and Cultural Exchange Concludes in Athens

Athens, Greece – The Global Vision Summit 2024, hosted by the Writers Capital International Foundation, concluded on July 2, 2024, marking a significant milestone in promoting cultural exchange and unity. The event brought together intellectuals, litterateurs, artists, doctors, and entrepreneurs from around the world to the historic city of Athens.

The summit commenced with a message by Prof. Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, Founder & CEO of the Writers Capital International Foundation. Prof. Nambiar reflected on the foundation’s decade-long journey, emphasizing the importance of fostering humanity’s finest values. Prof. Irene Doura-Kavadia, Vice President of the Global Vision Summit 2024, extended a warm welcome to delegates from countries including the USA, Australia, India, Canada, Germany, France, Algeria, UAE, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Iran, Bangladesh, Peru, South Africa, and Ecuador.

Day one featured a series of engaging speeches from distinguished panelists and members of the Organising Committee and Advisory Board, including Despena Dalmaris, Voula Memou, Nouli Tsagaraki, Olga Acheimastou, and Elias Tsonis. The opening ceremony also included a solo violin performance by Ioannis Nikolis and a mini concert led by Maestro Takis Nikolis.

The Excellence Awards 2024 and Global Icon Awards were presented by notable dignitaries such as Ambassador Emeritus Constantin Cakioussis and Ambassador Duncan of Australia, recognizing the outstanding contributions of individuals across various fields.

Day two continued with the presentation of awards and the recognition of inspirational women for 2024. The event also honored children who participated in the “Embers of Change” project at the Panorama Festival 2024. Former Minister Tzoumakas, Yiannis Kaltsas, President of the Aetoloarcanian Association, and Dr. Steven Vogazianos Roy, President of the World Philosophical Forum Annex Greece, addressed the summit.

Several notable books, including “Whispers of the Soul” by renowned Italian artist and poet Silla Maria Campanini, “The Art of Haiku & Tanka,” an anthology of 100 English haikus by celebrated poet and cultural advocate Mou Modhubontee, and “Phoenix Rhapsody,” a captivating collection of poems were released during the event. Other releases included “Journey to Infinity” by Ntikbasamis, “The Language of Peace” by Voula Memou, “Prophecies Untold” by Vasiliki Dragouni, “Steps of Life” by Sardelis, “Oasis’ Recollections” by Retali, and “On My Own” by Nina Ntoura.

The Panorama International Book Awards celebrated the achievements of poets from 87 countries. The summit concluded with a vote of thanks by Vasiliki Dragouni and a farewell address by Prof. Irene Doura-Kavadia who stressed upon the need for such global gatherings to promote the values of humanity. The event that affirmed the power of cultural exchange and the unifying force of literature and the arts also highlighted global solidarity and inspired continued efforts toward a brighter future for humanity.



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