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My Love: Poem by Sujatha Warrier

My love is all my own,
I dream about its rainbow hues,
I wind my way often
down the lanes of its memory,

I smile over its expressions,
revive its passions,
ruminate on its reflections,
ramblings and rants of long ago,

I keep at bay the fears,
wipe away the tears,
revel at the joys
buried in the deepest fathoms
of my heaving heart,

The tears, fears,
joys, sorrows,
thoughts, dreams and all
will be mine on call
to relive as is my wont,

It’s not in me to give them away,
It’s not in you to take them away,
It’s not in them to just go away,

My love’s been about me, always,
I’m its master, I’m its slave,
It’s in me to give you the reins

or take them away.

Poem by Sujatha Warrier
© Sujatha Warrier 2022

About the Poet

Sujatha Warrier is a writer and editor by occupation, and a poet and translator by inclination. Her articles and poems have appeared in magazines, literary e-journals and anthologies. One More Line and Other Poems is her latest collection of poems. The Attic & Other Poems is a collection of her poems, with illustrations. Fireflies is a collection of her micropoems. Totally Owordosed is her blog. A few awards and jury recommendations have come her way.

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1 year ago

Such a wonderful expression of love! Congratulations, dear Sujatha Warrier on this awesomely-penned verses

Sujatha Warrier
1 year ago
Reply to  Irene

Thank you!

Eleni Kerand
Eleni Kerand
1 year ago

A very touching poem! Congratulatios to the writer!

Sujatha Warrier
1 year ago
Reply to  Eleni Kerand

Thank you so much!

Dr. Amoolya Kamalnath
Dr. Amoolya Kamalnath
1 year ago

Lovely expression of love by the poet!

Sujatha Warrier
1 year ago

Thanks a lot!

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