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These 5 steps will change your life forever!

There are numerous books on manifestation strategies and ways to attract your desires into your life. After learning a lot about them and applying the principles bit by bit in my own life, this manifestation process can be simplified and narrowed down into 5 essential steps that you can use to consciously allow the things that you want in your life now.

And I’ll be sharing each of them with you in this article, in the order presented below. So let’s begin.


KNOWING WHO YOU REALLY ARE: You Are A Powerful Creator

The foundation for manifesting the life that you desire is first having the clear knowledge of who you are and what power you hold. More than knowing how the game of life is played, it is primarily about understanding the true nature of your being, the power that you have in creating your life, and the universal laws that govern this process of creation. It is important to know that:

(1) Everything in life is energy, including you. You are made out of pure positive energy, the same powerful energy that created this entire Universe. It is moving in you, through you, and around you at all times. We all have access to this powerful energy stream that is capable of creating anything imaginable in this world.

(2) You are a very powerful creator who directs this energy through the thoughts you think and emotions you feel on a daily basis. You are made in the image and likeness of this Universe, and because of this, you are already inherently powerful, unlimited, infinite, worthy, abundant, and grandly loved at your deepest core.

(3) You are the sole creator of your experience because you are the only thinker in your mind and the feeler of your own emotions. The process of creation always starts in you. You are at the cause, and the things in your life are the effects. The thoughts you continuously think, the beliefs and perspectives that you hold about yourself and about life, and the emotions coming from within you, all determine what you attract and make real in your outside world.

(4) Through the ever-consistent Universal law of attraction, life will always reflect back to you the dominant energies you’re sending out. You have the freedom to choose what energy you’re vibrating and therefore attracting, by choosing the kind of thoughts and emotions you habitually entertain. Your outside reality will always mirror your world within. You are the molder of your reality and the attractor of your circumstances.

Applying this first step will allow you to be a conscious thinker and deliberate controller of your daily thoughts and emotions. This requires taking care of the seeds that you allow to grow in your mind and prioritizing the way you feel in any moment. You will now consciously direct your thinking towards the things that you want to attract in your life and let go of those that do not resonate with who you know yourself to be.



The second step is trusting yourself and your creative power, and trusting this consistent and accurate law of the Universe that says “what you put out is what you will get back”. Applying the second step means letting go of doubts, judgments, noises and unnecessary conclusions that go in the opposite direction of what you want, such as thoughts of things not working out in your life or that you must probably be doing something wrong. This habit will just put your energy towards unwanted things and will block the way for your desires coming true for you.

Cultivating trust means being calm, keeping the faith, and being accepting of the present moment, knowing that things are always conspiring to bring you the best, and unseen forces of the Universe are working on your behalf. With trust, you are at peace and in harmony with situations and things as they occur, and you relinquish the need to judge them based on how they appear on the surface level. You know that the universal forces are at work and you are worthy of the good things coming. As a result, your energy will be in alignment with your desire, instead of moving in the opposite direction of doubt, fear and worry.



The third step of surrendering means knowing and trusting (step 1 & 2) that you have already asked for what you want and planted the seeds of your desires, and they are growing and sprouting at its own perfect pace. There is a letting go of control, and of the need for struggle or stronger effort to make them grow, because already inherent in your every desire is the power for its fulfillment. It’s already being done.

Only after knowing and trusting will you be able to surrender to the higher Universal power. Surrendering is knowing that there is a perfect season for everything, and trusting that as long as you are aligned with the vision of what you want, the harvest time is inevitable. You are able to let go of the specific details as to how, when, where and who. There is no insistence on a particular outcome or manner, not needing or demanding specific expectations, and remaining in the general state and knowing that it is for sure and coming.

This step of surrendering to the perfect timing of things will enable you to appreciate every step of the unfolding of your journey, and remove the impatience and the “should haves” because you recognize that everything is part of the success and learnings along your trail. This allows you to be light and easy as you let the Universe handle the details for its fulfillment.



The fourth step is now making yourself available for the impulses and inspiration that will guide you towards the things you want, as you move in the general direction of your desires. Once you have surrendered the details, you are now in this open state of taking inspired baby steps to flow with the energy momentum, and to increase the anticipation for your desire.

Baby steps can include visualizations, scripting or imagining how it would feel like being already inside your desire. This can also include acting on the inspiration- perhaps to go to a certain place, talk to a certain person, join this particular organization, sign up for a certain event, and so on. You are continuously doing what feels good from where you are, while simultaneously letting go of attachment to specific outcomes. You are doing your best, and allowing the Universe to take care of the rest. You are in a place of general expectation of the coming of your desires. You do not know the specifics yet, but you definitely know that it is coming. This allows you to be pointed and flowing in the direction of what you want, and ready to be the receiver of the specific details of its unfolding. There will be no vibration of something missing or lacking in your life, because acting on the baby steps allow for the energy to be moving through you as you go along.


RECEIVING YOUR DESIRES: Feeling Appreciation For The Unfolding And Being Joyful Where You Are

The fifth and last step is being the Conscious Witness and Receiver of the wonderful unfolding of what you want, piece by piece and little by little in your life. This means being in a state of satisfaction and gratitude as each day unfolds, and being the joyful realizer of what you desire.

Receiving means continuously feeling good and letting your vibration remain in that frequency, as the things you asked for gently and easily flow into your experience. This is ultimately understanding that the way you feel now is creating the atmosphere of your future experiences. It is the present moment feeling that you’re attracting more of. Receiving your desires is deliberately and consciously tending to your inner world first, and then letting the world outside you reflect what you have inside.

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Irene Doura
Irene Doura
1 year ago

Making the best of you surface and emerge is the key, as that will, in turn, attract the very best from the Universe. A kind of “give and take” situation, where man is in the epicentre of all action – and reaction…

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