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Esteemed Literary Visionaries,

With profound pleasure and on behalf of the Writers Capital International Foundation, I extend an exclusive invitation to partake in the immersive tapestry of the Panorama International Literature Festival (PILF) 2024—a transcendent virtual experience uniting literary minds across 87 countries.

In the digital expanse of January 2024, PILF transforms into a global celebration, where esteemed writers and readers convene in a virtual realm, crafting connections and embracing diverse narratives. This extraordinary odyssey is more than an event; it’s a testament to the unifying spirit of words, fostering understanding, and kindling creativity.

Writers Capital Foundation, the proud patron of PILF, serves as a global platform to elevate our authors. Through this virtual symphony, we showcase diverse voices, leveraging sophisticated technology for maximum reach and global recognition. Unlike conventional publishing, in our publishing house Writers International Edition, our holistic approach ensures a supportive environment, fostering a community where writers thrive. For these reasons, the Writers Capital Foundation is complete.

PILF, in the digital age, offers distinct advantages. Its virtual nature elevates writers and their works throughout the World Wide Web, enhancing search engine optimization—an indispensable asset in the contemporary literary landscape. The festival’s thematic focus on global issues provides writers a unique opportunity to contribute to and be part of consequential conversations, infusing depth and relevance into their work.

The awards at PILF stand as a beacon of transparency, judged by an international jury free from any external influence, be it financial or otherwise. Upholding the highest standards of integrity, we recognize literary merit without compromise.

I extend heartfelt gratitude to Irene Doura Kavadia, Secretary General of Writers Capital Foundation and Chief Coordinator of PILF, Johanna Devadayavu, our Chief Controlling Officer, Joan Jocep Barcelo, our Chief Advisor, and Director of International Collaborations, along with all members of the organizing and working committee. Your tireless efforts are the foundation of PILF’s success.

Writers Capital Foundation, a UN-recognized and ISO-certified organization, strides forward with unwavering support from individuals across 87 countries. I extend a heartfelt invitation to all literary enthusiasts to join the world’s largest community of creators, celebrating the boundless spirit of literature at PILF 2024 and partaking in the rich tapestry of our various programs.

Yours in the pursuit of literary splendour,

Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar
Founder and CEO, Writers Capital International Foundation & Writers International Edition
Founder and Chairman, Panorama International Arts & Literature Festival (PILF)

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