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Ilinka Marković: A Journey Through Poetry

Ilinka Marković, a native of Kuršumlija born on August 2, 1955, now calls Belgrade her home. She embodies the essence of a successful woman, balancing roles as a devoted wife, mother of three daughters, and professional, all while gracefully embracing the third age of life. For Ilinka, writing poetry isn’t just a hobby; it’s a divine gift that she’s cherished since she first learned to string letters together.

Her poetic journey is marked by several published collections, each a testament to her depth of emotion and literary prowess. “Between Yesterday and Today,” released in 2014, earned her the prestigious 3rd prize at the “Pegasus” literary contest, setting the stage for her subsequent works. In 2016, she unveiled “The Right to Life,” followed by “Sa Svitlanje” in 2018, both published by Književna Omladina Srbije. These collections are more than just ink on paper; they are windows into Ilinka’s soul, reflecting her experiences, aspirations, and observations of the world around her.

Throughout her career, Ilinka’s poems have found homes in numerous collections and anthologies, solidifying her place in the literary landscape. Her words, imbued with sincerity and depth, resonate with readers far and wide, touching hearts and inspiring minds. Despite her quiet demeanor, Ilinka occasionally steps into the spotlight, participating in poetry events by invitation, where her presence illuminates the stage and captivates audiences with the power of her verse.

In her own words, Ilinka shares a profound insight: “Whoever knows the goal will find the way.” This mantra encapsulates her journey as a poet and a woman navigating the complexities of life. With each line she pens, she invites us to join her on a quest for understanding, compassion, and the true essence of existence. As we delve into the world of Ilinka Marković’s poetry, we embark on a transformative voyage, guided by the wisdom and beauty of her words.

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Ilinka Marković
Ilinka Marković
4 months ago


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