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Stefano Caranti: A Renaissance of Poetry and Multimedia Artistry

In the heart of Imola, Italy, Stefano Caranti’s journey into the realms of poetry and multimedia artistry began on a balmy July day in 1965. His life’s narrative is one that intertwines the intricacies of technology with the profound depths of artistic expression, shaping a path illuminated by creativity and innovation.

A poet, video poet, videomaker, and director, Stefano Caranti’s story is a testament to the fusion of diverse passions and talents. In 2009, fueled by his love for poetry and his background as a computer scientist, he embarked on a transformative venture, crafting video-poetic works that transcended conventional boundaries. His aim? To invite a broader audience into the enchanting world of artistic expression, a journey that also extended to school children, nurturing a new generation of creative minds.

The culmination of his artistic endeavors came to fruition in 2018 with the publication of his anthology “The Guardians of the Dawn.” Blending poetry with multimedia elements, Caranti’s work pulsates with dynamic energy, drawing readers into a realm where words dance amidst visual symphonies. Through the innovative use of dynamic QR codes, readers are transported into an immersive experience, where the boundaries between literature and technology blur seamlessly.

Caranti’s artistic prowess has garnered him a plethora of accolades, with over 80 awards in the realm of videopoetry alone. Renowned for his visionary approach, he is frequently sought after to serve as a juror in national and international poetic and videopoetic competitions, shaping the landscape of contemporary artistic expression.

His multimedia creations have graced prestigious exhibitions, from modern art showcases to the grandeur of the Campidoglio in Rome. Across cinemas, radio waves, and web platforms, Caranti’s works resonate with audiences worldwide, weaving narratives that transcend linguistic and cultural barriers.

As an ambassador of poetic artistry, Caranti’s impact extends beyond the confines of Italy. In 2019, he assumed the role of national secretary for Italy within the esteemed “Poetas del Mundo” movement, championing the universal language of poetry on a global scale. His contributions to the artistic community further solidified with the co-founding of WikiPoesia in 2020, and the VideoPoetic Artistic Movement (M.A.V.) in 2021, earning a place in the prestigious Treccani Italian encyclopedia.

In 2022, Caranti embarked on a poignant journey with the “Anita Fidelis” project, a testament to his commitment to humanitarian causes. Through the cultivation and dissemination of the “Anita Garibaldi” rose, the project celebrates the indomitable spirit of women and femininity worldwide, casting a beacon of hope across borders.

Stefano Caranti’s legacy continues to unfold, a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic exploration. His journey is a reminder that in the convergence of technology and artistry, lies the potential to illuminate the world with the brilliance of human creativity.

For more insights into Caranti’s world of poetry and multimedia art, visit his website at www.inuoviorizzonti.it or reach out via email at stefano@inuoviorizzonti.it.

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4 months ago

Apprezzo le opere di @Stefano Caranti impregnate di Poesia Civile che parla dell’agire dell’uomo, spesso contro se stesso e il pianeta; versi che comunicano sentimenti, domande e dubbi, più che risposte. Comunque non mancano allegoria a sensazioni quasi impossibili e travolgenti e buoni propositi come “Saremo più umani”!

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