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Gabriella Paci: Weaving Words into the Tapestry of Poetry and Insight

In the quaint town of Cortona, nestled in the province of Arezzo, Gabriella Paci’s journey unfolds, a symphony of history and philosophy that has shaped her into a distinguished individual. A graduate of the University of Florence, Gabriella embarked on a path that intertwined her passion for education, travel, and reading, seeing these endeavors as essential for expanding one’s worldview and understanding the intricacies of life.

Her foray into the realm of poetic expression commenced in 2014, fueled by an insatiable need to articulate her ongoing quest for answers and reflections on the anxieties of life. With over 300 awards adorning her poetic endeavors, including the prestigious 2nd prize in the “Tagete” poetry and fiction competition in 2016, Gabriella found encouragement to persist in her creative pursuits.

In 2015, she unveiled her first anthology, “The Look Beyond…,” an exploration beyond appearances, inviting readers to delve into the true meaning of things. Accolades continued to grace her journey, with the 3rd prize in the “A Vento e Sole” competition in 2019 and the 1st prize in the “Tagete2019” competition reinforcing her dedication.

“Onde Moved,” her second publication in 2017, continued her introspective research, portraying moments of loneliness and discouragement alongside rediscovered hope. Awards like the 1st prize in the “Tagete2019” competition and 2nd prize in the “Corito Clanis” international competition underscored the success of her work.

The release of “The Words of Restlessness” in 2019 marked her third anthology, earning numerous awards, including the 3rd prize at the “Emilio Lussu” prize festival and the 1st prize at the international competition “From the Gulf of Poets Shelley and Byron to the Val di Vara 2019.”

“Sfogliando il Tempo,” unleashed in 2021, intertwined memories of youth with the challenges of the present, notably the impact of the global pandemic. The book received multiple awards, including 1st prize at the international competition A.U.P.I-Otma and an honorable mention at the intercontinental prize “The Nine Muses.”

Her 2023 release, “Dissonanze,” delves into the theme of love in its various forms. The book garnered recognition in prestigious competitions, including an honorable mention in the “Casentino Prize” and 1st place at the “Caffè delle Arti” award.

Gabriella Paci’s poetry has not only earned her numerous accolades but also the distinguished titles of “Bishop of Poetry” from the Accademia dei Bronzi of Catanzaro and “Olimpus Poet of the Year” from Marina Pratici in 2022. As a founding member of the associations “Wiki Poetry” and “Poetas de World,” she actively contributes to literary communities, serving as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of poetry. Her works grace the pages of various magazines, and her role as a jury member for several poetry and literary criticism awards underscores her commitment to fostering creativity.

Beyond the confines of her literary pursuits, Gabriella is a vital contributor to “Alessandria News Today” and “Alessandria Online,” and she serves as an editor for “La Voce degli Italiani.” With a notable presence on the blog “Italian Poetry,” Gabriella Paci continues to be a force in the literary landscape, weaving words into a tapestry of profound insight and poetic brilliance.

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