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Dusica Ivanovic: A Literary Luminary Weaving Words Across Continents

Dusica Ivanovic, a multifaceted literary virtuoso, was born in the picturesque Serbian town of Loznica in 1960. Her journey through the realm of words began with a degree in Serbo-Croatian language and Yugoslav literature from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. Dusica’s professional canvas is rich and diverse, ranging from her roles as a teacher of Serbian language and literature to a proofreader, journalist, and translator of the Slovak language during her tenure in Bratislava.

The narrative of Dusica’s life takes an international turn as she spent 23 years in Canada, contributing significantly to the Serbian community in Toronto. Her engagement included work in the computer department of a large insurance company and teaching at a Serbian-language school. She adorned the editorial board of the literature-and-culture magazine “People say” and wielded her pen as a journalist for the Serbian Canadian Magazine SAN and the weekly “Toronto Newspaper.” Dusica’s impact extended to literary events, where she not only organized but also hosted gatherings in the Serbian community.

Returning to her roots in Pancevo, Serbia, in 2021, Dusica continued her literary endeavors, writing critiques and reviews, and penning her poetry and prose. A proud member of esteemed literary associations such as the Association of Writers of Serbia (UKS), the Serbian-Canadian Association of Writers “Desanka Maksimovic,” Matica Srpska, and the Institute for Children’s Literature in Belgrade, she stands as a beacon in the literary landscape.

Dusica Ivanovic’s literary repertoire spans fourteen books of poetry and prose, with her works finding a home in poetry anthologies, collections, and selections. Her creative prowess transcends language barriers, with translations of her poetry into English, Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, Hebrew, and Spanish, and her prose into the English language. Dusica’s literary achievements are adorned with accolades, including the “Ivo Andric” Academy Charter in 2014 for poetry, the “Rastko Petrovic” literary award for the best novel in 2020, and the international award for poetry at Feminen Art Fest 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Her commitment to the preservation of the Serbian language and alphabet is reflected in her recognition by the Association of Writers of Serbia with the “Saint Sava Gratitude” Award in 2022 for her lasting contribution to the association’s reputation and development. Dusica Ivanovic’s philanthropic spirit shines through her longstanding support for the Association of Single Parents and Families of Children with Disabilities “Blue Shell,” where she has been a friend and donor for years and, since 2022, the first ambassador of the “House of Hope” Foundation. Actively participating in the association’s activities, media representation, and event organization, Dusica embodies the union of literary brilliance and compassionate advocacy in her remarkable journey.

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