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From Engineer to Wordsmith: The Journey of Domenico Parlamenti Through Art and Poetry

Domenico Parlamenti was born on August 19, 1954, in Acquasanta Terme, located in the province of Ascoli Piceno. He is currently a resident of Monteprandone, Ascoli Piceno. After graduating from IPSIA, he pursued a career as an electrical engineer, electronics expert, and automation programmer for automatic lines.

From an early age, Domenico developed a profound love for poetry, drawing inspiration from renowned poets such as Rimbaud, Campana, and Hikmet. Additionally, he held a deep passion for art, attending exhibitions and engaging with esteemed artists like Fazzini. Together with a gallery owner, he even organized a solo art show. Interestingly, during the student revolution of 68/69, he actively participated in demonstrations, all while keeping his passion for poetry discreetly concealed. During this time, he composed blank verses. However, when the revolutionary period subsided, he decided to openly participate in poetry competitions throughout Italy. His talent quickly garnered recognition, and he won several prizes in both national and international competitions.

He then ventured into publishing, releasing his first collection of poems titled “The Roots of the Soul” through Montedit. Subsequently, he published “The Autumn of Memory” as his second collection. Taking a different literary direction, Domenico authored his first novel, a psychological thriller named “Raptus,” which was published by You Can Print. He followed this with two more anthologies titled “And Still Love” and “Return to You.”

Besides his literary pursuits, Domenico Parlamenti’s passion for organizing events came to the forefront. He successfully hosted numerous authors from all across Italy and curated exhibitions, including the Piceno National Noir Festival and an esteemed art exhibition at the Palazzina Azzurra in San Benedetto del Tronto alongside Francesco Perilli. He also played a crucial role in promoting “Neutral-ism,” an artistic movement featuring painters and sculptors from around the globe. This movement was curated by Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, an esteemed historian and art critic, who also served as the curator of the Italian section at the Venice Biennale. Notably, Domenico held a solo exhibition with maestro Perilli in the “Cola d’Amatrice” room in Ascoli Piceno, under the auspices of Prof. Stefano Papetti, the director of the museums in Ascoli Piceno. Furthermore, he organized collective art exhibitions, showcasing the works of significant artists from various regions of Italy at the Malatesta Fortress in Ascoli Piceno, with the involvement of Prof. Gigi Morganti.

Looking ahead, Domenico Parlamenti continues to be actively involved in organizing essential art events, with a slate of new appointments already scheduled for 2023, and more to come in the autumn season.

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