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Franca Goldoni: A Multifaceted Artist Blending Emotion and Abstract Art

Meet Franca Goldoni, a versatile artist who finds her voice in the world of visual art, creating abstract and polymaterial works that have garnered critical acclaim. Her artistic journey has taken her to numerous national and international exhibitions, showcasing her unique talent.

Franca’s artistic creations have found a place in art catalogs and books, including “I nuovi maestri dell’arte contemporanea,” “Nuovo gruppo I Valori Plastici,” “Itinerari d’Arte,” and publications by Lalli Editore, among others. Her work is also featured in the “Enciclopedia dei pittori e scultori del ‘900,” “Artisti a Mantova,” and publications by Sartori Editore.

While Franca Goldoni is widely recognized for her visual art, she also explores the realm of poetry. Her poems, written in the heat of the moment, capture raw emotions and are compiled in small books. She acknowledges Lanfranco as her mentor, guiding her in her artistic journey.

Franca’s art is a testament to the power of emotion. Her paintings are characterized by vibrant colors, unique layering techniques, and the use of various materials. In her recent works, the incorporation of gold leaf adds a touch of refinement, creating a soft and elegant effect on her canvases.

For those interested in experiencing the world of Franca Goldoni’s artistry, you can reach out to her at Cell. 331.9762853 or via email at cortematiola@libero.it. Explore the world of abstract art through the eyes and hands of this remarkable artist.

Franca Goldoni’s art is a symphony of emotions and colors, a testament to the boundless creativity that can be expressed through visual and poetic mediums. Discover her world and let her work stir your emotions and imagination.

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