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Fabio Petrilli: A Rising Poetic Star

Born on March 9, 2000, in Foggia, Italy, Fabio Petrilli is a burgeoning poet whose literary journey has already made significant waves in the world of poetry. Raised in the charming town of San Bartolomeo in Galdo, nestled within the province of Benevento, Fabio attended the E. Medi Scientific High School.

It was during these formative years that an intense passion for the humanities, particularly Latin and Italian Literature, blossomed within him. This profound love for literature ignited Fabio’s poetic soul, and he distinctly remembers the pivotal day, July 20, 2020, when he penned his first poem.

What sets Fabio Petrilli apart is his ability to transcend linguistic boundaries with his poetry. His verses have been translated into French by the esteemed poet Irène Duboeuf, into Spanish and Catalan by the talented poet Joan Josep Barcelò i Bauçà. These translations have allowed Fabio’s work to captivate a global audience, resonating with readers from different corners of the world.

Fabio Petrilli’s poetic compositions have found a cherished place in several renowned national literary journals. He also had the honor of representing his poetic prowess as a delegate at the 2023 International Panorama of the Arts, where he received well-deserved honorable mentions for his exceptional work.

Moreover, Fabio’s poems have also found a place in the international literary scene, being published in English in the poetry journal titled Writers Capital International Foundation. As Fabio Petrilli’s poetic journey continues to unfold, the world eagerly anticipates the beauty, inspiration, and profound emotions he will continue to share through his poetic verses.

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