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Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Steven Villavicencio’s Literary Journey

Steven Villavicencio, hailing from the vibrant Montubia community in Ecuador, is a multifaceted individual whose love for literature has taken him on enchanting adventures through the pages of various tales. Beyond being a passionate poet, he wears the hats of a charismatic presenter and a creative force as a radio producer for the online program “Made in Ecuador” on Andromeda radio.

His roots in the Montubia community not only connect him to the land but also define his role as a dedicated farmer engaged in cocoa production. Growing up surrounded by the ancient cocoa plant, Steven developed a profound connection with its aromas, colors, and flavors. This intimate relationship with cocoa serves as a muse, triggering the creation of numerous poems that beautifully capture the essence of this age-old plant.

Steven’s literary contributions extend to various poetic groups and collectives, including the esteemed “Universal Poetic Utopia,” where he mingles with some of the world’s greatest poets and actively participates in events. Additionally, he is an integral part of groups like AIUSA, Arts Group, and the Latin American meeting group of poets, enriching these communities with his unique perspectives and poetic expressions.

As a member of the Writers Capital Foundation, Steven Villavicencio contributes to the organization’s mission of promoting literature and humanitarian values. His active involvement extends to being a participant in the prestigious International Literature Festival 2024 Program, showcasing his commitment to the global literary landscape.

In essence, Steven Villavicencio’s journey is a captivating blend of cultural richness, agricultural dedication, and literary passion. His poems, deeply rooted in the scents and flavors of cocoa, resonate with readers worldwide, making him a valuable presence in the realms of poetry and literature.

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