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From Philosophy to Footlights: The Diverse Journey of Slaven Trebovac

Slaven Trebovac, born on November 30, 1977, in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a versatile individual with a diverse academic and artistic background. He holds a degree in philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and another in physiotherapy from VMŠ Prjijedor. Slaven completed his master’s degree at the Faculty of Dram Arts in Belgrade in 2013.

As a member of the Society of Writers of Belgrade, the Culture of Dreams from Zagreb, and the Aesthetic Society of Serbia, Slaven has contributed significantly to the literary world. He is an accomplished author with notable works such as “Milk,” “Epic communication structures in Brecht’s play OPERA FOR THREE GROSSES,” and “Educational Discrediting of Prejudice.” His writings have been featured on Radio Belgrade and published in various journals.

In the realm of performing arts, Slaven has showcased his talent in theaters such as Cedubal in Banja Luka, Branko Krsmanović Theater in Belgrade, and Dadov Theater. Notably, he received an acting award for his role in the play “The Seagull” at an experimental theater festival.

His foray into the film industry includes roles in movies like “Hands,” “Deep in the forest,” “Kidnapping,” and the feature film “Falsifikator.” He has also contributed to television series such as “Good morning neighbor” and “I don’t care.”

An accomplished poet, Slaven has authored books like “To the Penitents before the Awakening” (Society of Writers of Belgrade, 2020) and “Logic of the Heart” (Culture of Dreams, Zagreb, 2022). His poetic prowess has earned him prestigious awards globally, including the “Excellence of poetry in the world” at the World Poetry Championship and the “Universal Icon of Poetry 2021” in Texas, USA.

In the realm of theater, Slaven performed the monodrama “Sopranissimo” in Vienna, dedicated to the renowned opera singer Olivera Miljaković. He is set to play in the upcoming play “Potkožni sjever” at the Children’s Theater DIS in Banjaluka.

Currently, Slaven is employed as a philosophy professor at a gymnasium in Prijedor, where he imparts his knowledge to students. He resides in Prijedor, balancing his academic, literary, and theatrical pursuits with remarkable achievements and accolades.

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