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Songs Divine," a collection of captivating verses penned by Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak

Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak’s ‘The Song Divine’ Resonates with Readers as it Makes its Grand Debut

In a momentous event that gathered literary enthusiasts and spiritual seekers from around the world, Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak’s literary masterpiece, “The Song Divine,” was unveiled as scheduled during the closing day ceremony of the renowned Panorama International Arts Festival. The virtual event saw the convergence of distinguished personalities in the fields of arts and literature, marking the debut of this highly-anticipated work.

“The Song Divine,” a captivating fusion of science and spirituality, offers readers a lyrical journey into the profound depths of human existence and our timeless connection with the divine. Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak, celebrated for her illustrious career as a medical doctor and as the esteemed head of the Department of Cardiology at St. John’s Medical College, has ventured into the world of literature with this exceptional work.

The Panorama International Arts Festival, renowned for its commitment to showcasing exceptional talents and fostering cultural exchange, provided the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of this literary gem. The virtual format allowed the festival to attract a global audience, uniting individuals who appreciate the harmonious fusion of art, literature, and spirituality.

Dr. Adhyapak’s verses have transcended borders and languages, resonating with readers from diverse backgrounds. Through eloquent words, rich metaphors, and evocative imagery, she explores the intricacies of life’s dilemmas, the pursuit of truth, and the path to inner liberation.

The release of “The Song Divine” during the Panorama International Arts Festival closing ceremony is more than just a book launch; it is an invitation to embark on a transformative odyssey toward eternal truth. Dr. Srilakshmi Adhyapak’s work stands as a beacon of wisdom and beauty in a world that seeks profound insights.

Reviews from early readers and attendees of the event have been overwhelmingly positive. Many have praised the book for its ability to bridge the realms of science and spirituality, offering readers a unique perspective on the human experience.

For those who missed the virtual debut, “The Song Divine” is now available for purchase through various bookstores and online platforms. This literary masterpiece promises to continue its journey, captivating and inspiring readers worldwide.

Buy The Song Divine” by Dr Srilakshmi Adhyapak here: https://amzn.eu/d/2FsUpsJ

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