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Cascades” Poetry Collection Takes Center Stage at Panorama International Arts Festival 2023

Athens: The grand finale of the Panorama International Arts Festival 2023 was nothing short of a spectacular celebration of art and literature, marked by the highly anticipated debut of “Cascades,” a remarkable poetry collection by the acclaimed author, Ambika Ananth.

As the clock struck 7 pm (Athens Time) on August 31st, 2023, the festival’s closing day ceremony transformed into an enchanting realm of words and colors. “Cascades” seamlessly merged the realms of poetry and art, delivering an unforgettable experience to attendees from around the world.

Ambika Ananth’s poetry in “Cascades” proved to be a profound exploration of human emotions, nature’s wonders, and the intricate dance between the two. The collection resonated deeply with the audience as Ananth recited excerpts, infusing life into her verses and sharing the essence of her creative journey.

Adding another layer of enchantment to the evening was the cover painting of “Cascades,” crafted by the renowned artist Shyju Azhikode. His artwork, inspired by the themes of the book, offered a visual representation of the profound beauty encapsulated within the verses.

The event itself was a harmonious blend of literary and visual arts. Ambika Ananth’s recitations were met with rapt attention, while Shyju Azhikode’s discussion of his artistic process and inspiration behind the cover painting left the audience in awe.

The release of “Cascades” symbolized the synergy between literature and art, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attended. The evening was a testament to the transformative power of artistic expression, with words and visuals interweaving seamlessly to create a captivating tapestry.

“Seeing ‘Cascades’ come to life at the Panorama International Arts Festival 2023 was a dream come true,” said Ambika Ananth. “The support and enthusiasm from the audience were overwhelming, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my work with such an appreciative and diverse community of art and literature enthusiasts.”

Shyju Azhikode added, “Creating the cover painting for ‘Cascades’ was a deeply inspiring journey. It’s an honor to see my artwork complement Ambika’s beautiful poetry. I believe it’s a testament to the enduring connection between art and literature.”

The event culminated with a book signing session where Ambika Ananth autographed copies of “Cascades” for eager readers, solidifying the book’s place in the hearts of her growing fanbase.

“Cascades” is now available to the public, inviting readers to explore the enchanting world of poetry and art that it offers. The book can be purchased through various online retailers and is expected to be a sought-after addition to the collections of literature and art enthusiasts worldwide.

For more information about “Cascades” and to order a copy, please visit https://amzn.eu/d/irC9wc2

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