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After massive success of ‘Regeneration 1’, Filippo Papa and Joan Josep Barcelo comes up with its second edition

After the great success of the first edition presented at the “Biennale Amedeo Modigliani” in Venice (Italy), ‘REGENERATION 2’ returns in a second edition. In the innovative first “Holoperformance” where the artist Filippo Papa in an act of regeneration anointed his naked body by spreading it with primary colours but not only, holographic dematerialization was seen through holographic technology. The unpublished verses of the poet Joan Josep Barcelo echoed throughout the duration of the performative act. Filippo Papa and Joan Josep Barcelo create a new way of making art by coining the neologism “Holoperformance”, the union between performing art, holographic technology and poetry.

This innovative work returns on 3 September 2022 after being selected by the organization of the international event “Cittadella Art Parade – Fluxus 60th – Tribute to Francesco Conz”. Cittadella Art Parade wants to give the city and the public something new and innovative and offer itself over the years as a forge of ideas, catalyst and producer of excellent culture. Cittadella Art Parade will be a cultural bridge between past, present and future. For this first edition, the organizers want to pay homage to the Fluxus artistic movement on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its birth and to Francesco Conz (Cittadella 1935-Verona 2010). In fact, not everyone knows that Conz was, a promoter, publisher and collector of Fluxus works and of the most important international avant-gardes in the world.

For the occasion, the film “Conz. The last collector” by director Roberto Delvoi will be screened and a path will be created where unpublished images and texts will tell the human and artistic story of the great publisher and collector from Cittadella. Just before the screening of the film “Conz. The last collector” Papa and Barcelo will present “Regeneration 2” where body and soul will merge into a single performance that has already marked the beginning of a new vision that bridges art visual, literature and new innovative technologies. Given this recognition, “Regeneration 2” is a bodily, poetic and holographic performance homage to the global artistic inspiration that goes towards the future. It is shown in continuity with the research of the past as a new frontier of art multidisciplinary and contemporary multimedia.

Protagonists the living and holographic body of Papa and the sonorous and holographic presence of Barcelo. Art blends with the word. Colour dematerializes through holographic technology and becomes matter with the physicality of the body. The leitmotif is an original representation of positive feelings, regenerating oneself, loving oneself and returning to the essentiality of shapes from black and white to colour and vice versa. Leave only the naked soul visible to the eyes of those who have seen this event live. Joan Josep Barcelo and Filippo Papa must be acknowledged for having created a new dimension of art between dream and reality.

Filippo Papa born in Leonforte (EN) in 1986 is an eclectic Sicilian visual artist who has been included, among the most significant exponents of the contemporary art scene, in the two most important Italian publishing publications such as the Atlas of Contemporary Art published De Agostini and CAM Mondadori. In addition, he is the winner of the Italy prize for photography 2022. His art finds its maximum expression ranging from architectural photography – characterized by contact with the divine through the extreme synthesis of forms obtained from black and white and the strong contrasts between lights and shadows – and the performance in which his body is the protagonist, mirror of his many intimate and carnal facets. Movement becomes strength, gestures pay homage to myths and artists of the past. A new metaphysical vision that connects time and space by creating hybrid languages ​​between the various forms of art.

Joan Josep Barcelo born in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in 1953 is the author of numerous poetry books in Catalan and Italian which has received important international awards in his literary career such as the Dante 2021 award. His unique style is characterized by surrealism and abstraction, with references to a dreamlike and mythical, spiritual and carnal world, in search of a revolutionary concept. He tells us about the land and the sea, the polar landscapes and the desert, following the characteristics of a universe in which the word becomes the breath of a new time. Light and darkness dominate the language until desire is the spark of fire in search of infinity.

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Irene Doura
Irene Doura
1 year ago

Congratulations on this second successful edition!

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