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I AM STILL ALIVE: Poem by Mika Vlacović Vladisavljević

I have not been allowed
To find my imagined horizons
Neither harmonious place nor time,
Neither hoping nor action;
All my grand hopes
Got turned into ice
With blood that painted horrors
Within the days which were swelling
In the inflicted wounds.
My dream with which I confirm you
Was stolen from me
While I was facing the earth.
My bird was turned into ashes
On the thorn of a song
With which I was proving
Your existence
To the sky.
My flower that was opening your fresh smile
Was cut off with a sharp scythe.
I was forced to outlive the death,
To forget my friends, lost in the darkness,
To forgive all the betrayals,
All slanders,
All departures,
And to give up whatever was existing,
My salt, my bread,
And my communion wine.
I was lashed
For not washing away
Your hands from me
That I loved so, being exalted
With the outlines of evening.
Even after the night
had calmed my being,
I only wanted to get relaxed
With all these humble thoughts
About new tomorrow,
About sorrows that I am a human,
About the woman that loves me,
About a field ploughed up, about the death of grains
I would have given as a present, all pure,
With everything being in order,
In its place,
Just like once it used to be.

Poem by
Mika Vlacović Vladisavljević
© Mika Vlacović Vladisavljević

About the Author

Mika Vlacović Vladisavljević was born on August 23, 1963, in Sremska Mitrovica, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia, to father Dragiša and mother Slavka as the first and only child. He spent his childhood in the village on the poverty-stricken property of his hardworking and dedicated parents. He finished high school in his hometown and, due to poverty, immediately started working at the paper factory “Matroz” in his hometown, but he did not give up self-education, so as a young man he gave himself very selflessly to the works of great masters of literature, making himself a good connoisseur of the works of Alexander Herzen, Fyodor M. Dostoevsky, Anton Chekhov, Nikolai Gogol, Alexander Pushkin, Sergei Yesenin, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, William Shakespeare, Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Hermann Hesse, Immanuel Kant, Charles Baudelaire, Franz Kafka, Iva Ande Selimović, Miloš Crnjanski, Rabindranath Tagore, Jalaluddin Rumi, Hafiz of Shiraz, Seren Kierkegaard, philosophers of Greek and Roman culture, not neglecting Eastern sages and many other important creators in the field of literary and philosophical creation. Thanks to that fact, he started writing moderate poetry early, which is available to readers with less education, and later he focused on love-reflexive poetry, where he found himself completely, so his last published collections of poetry are masterpieces of poetry, in the opinion of critics and readers.

Mika Vlacović Vladisavljević has a vision of a harmonious life for future humanity, which is based on the belief that artistic beauty will destroy evil and reconcile all the contradictions of human existence. For these reasons, he is very popular among poets, philosophers, and visual and dramatic artists, and the readership rewards him with a voluntary reading of his works. Mika Vlacović Vladisavljević – as a novelist, he has written several novels to date, but due to his material poverty, he has failed to publish them all. Because of the novel “Wolves of Faith”, he is ignored by religious communities that still do not give up discrimination against this quality, persistent and loving creator, and only because of the fact that Mika “dismantled sin” and thus presented the essence of faith to blinded believers. And as we have noted he, notwithstanding criticism and controversy, does not give up the constant struggle for justice and equality, love as a lasting value that can only be preserved through respect for one another.

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