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Abhilash Fraizer: Crafting Narratives Across Literary Horizons

In the diverse landscape of Indian literature, Abhilash Fraizer emerges as a true polymath, donning the roles of an author, poet, novelist, journalist, translator, and advertising copywriter with finesse. Originating from the culturally rich Kerala, Abhilash is not just a craftsman of words but a storyteller, sculpting narratives that resonate across cultural boundaries.

Armed with a Post Graduate degree in English Language and Literature, Abhilash has etched his name onto the literary canvas, composing 14 books that traverse the realms of poetry, prose, and journalism. His works have found a global readership, as he contributes verses, stories, and articles to esteemed international and Indian journals.

A recent jewel in his literary crown is ‘Father, a collection of poems,’ earning global recognition through publication by Wipf & Stock Publishers, Oregon, USA. This anthology showcases Abhilash’s ability to dive into the human experience, capturing emotions and reflections with profound simplicity.

In the sphere of English literature, ‘The End of Wars,’ a novel, and ‘Everlasting Things are Incomplete,’ a collection of poems, stand as pillars of his creative expression. Meanwhile, in his mother tongue, Malayalam, Abhilash has gifted readers with gems like ‘Dalamarmaram’ (The Rustle of Leaves), ‘Paravakalude Vazhi’ (The Way of Birds), ‘Raamazhayude Theerathu’ (On the banks of Night Rain), ‘Sajalam’ (Aqueous), and ‘Prapancha gaatha’ (The Ballad of the Universe).

The accolades bestowed upon Abhilash Fraizer are not mere ornaments; they mirror the depth of his literary contributions. ‘Prapancha gaadha’ received the Kreatiff Silver Award for the second-best novel in 2020, an honor that adds to the list of his literary achievements.

Recognized for his excellence in the field, Abhilash was honored with the ‘Yuva Prathibha Award’ in 2014 by the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC) Media Commission. His poem ‘Between the Islands’ achieved global recognition, being voted and enlisted among the best 100 poems in a contest held by Poemhunter.com.

Beyond the written word, Abhilash Fraizer extends his creativity to the realm of scripts. He has crafted narratives for Sight and Sound Shows like ‘I Believe’ and ‘Ammamaram,’ staged in major venues in Kochi and witnessed by over 50,000 people. His talents also encompass television programs, where he has written scripts, and music, with lyrics for around 50 songs recorded for various albums.

Amidst this literary journey, Abhilash finds balance in family life. Residing in Ernakulam, Kerala, with his wife Sunitha and two sons, Ezek and Izan, he draws inspiration from the beauty and diversity of his surroundings.

As Abhilash Fraizer continues to weave words into intricate stories, he not only enriches the literary world but also leaves an enduring legacy, capturing the essence of human experience with every stroke of his pen.

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