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“A Regal Unveiling: Dr. Mini John’s Malayalam Translation of ‘History Liberated’ Enchants Thiruvananthapuram”

In a spectacle of cultural opulence, the literary echelons of Thiruvananthapuram witnessed the grand unveiling of the Malayalam translation of “History Liberated: the Sree Chithra Saga” on the evening of Saturday, 11th November. Authored by the distinguished H.H. Aswathi Thirunal Gouri Lakshmi Bayi Thampuratti and eloquently translated by the literary virtuoso, Dr. Mini John, the event unfolded at the Levee Hall, creating ripples of literary resonance.

The ceremonial release, graced by the esteemed H.H. Pooyam Thirunal Gouri Parvathi Bayi Thampuratti, exuded regality, as the translated opus, titled ‘Charithram Velichathilekku: SreeChithra Gadha,’ found its way into the hearts of literary enthusiasts. The first copy was received with honor by Shri T. P. Sreenivasan, former Ambassador, underscoring the significance of this cultural milestone. Satbhavana Trust proudly nurtured this literary gem into existence.

Dr. Mini John’s meticulous translation was applauded for unravelling the historical tapestry of Kerala’s past, offering Malayalam readers an exquisite journey through time. The English version of the book, originally published in 2021, had captivated audiences with its explosive revelations, unravelling a decisive period in Travancore’s history.

The ceremony unfolded amidst a gathering of distinguished guests, ardent literary admirers, and members of the royal family, creating an ambience that resonated with the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Dr. Mini John’s commitment to literature and history was lauded, with attendees recognizing the pivotal role this translation plays in preserving and disseminating the state’s cultural legacy.

As the pages of “Charithram Velichathilekku: SreeChithra Gadha” gently unfurl, it not only stands as a triumph of literary prowess but also serves as an insightful guide for present-day leaders. The book, echoing the selfless governance of Kerala’s erstwhile kings, beckons leaders to glean inspiration from the annals of history, emphasizing service over self-interest for the greater good.

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