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Writers Capital Intl Foundation To Hold ‘Mythic Inks’ – A Grand Celebration Of Biennale Of Hagiography & Hymnography 2023

Italy, December 23, 2023 — Writers Capital Intl Foundation is currently hosting ‘Mythic Inks,’ a vibrant and ongoing celebration of the BIENNALE OF HAGIOGRAPHY & HYMNOGRAPHY 2023. The event, which commenced on Saturday, December 23rd at 5:00 pm EST and 8:30 pm IST, unfolds as a captivating tribute to the spiritual artistry of Hagiography and Hymnography.

Art enthusiasts and distinguished delegates are immersing themselves in the profound expressions of divinity woven into every brushstroke. The celebration extends beyond the visual arts, with the Foundation fostering a collective exploration of spirituality through the universal language of art.

A significant aspect of the ongoing festivities is the digital inauguration of the Writers Capital Intl Foundation’s revamped website. Under the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO, Preeth Nambiar, the Foundation showcases a renewed online space designed to deepen the connection with their mission of spreading humanitarian values through literature.

As the celebration continues, attendees have the privilege of witnessing the unveiling of masterpieces from gifted artists participating in BIENNALE 2023. Each piece serves as an eloquent brushstroke, enriching the cultural fabric of the event and contributing to the divine symphony.

Writers Capital Intl Foundation extends an open invitation to art enthusiasts and individuals globally to partake in this ongoing celebration of spiritual artistry. For further inquiries and to experience ‘Mythic Inks,’ visit Writers Capital Intl Foundation or contact info@writerscapital.org.

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