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Unveiling the Creative Odyssey of Roy Karathra: A Maestro of Collage Artistry

In the captivating realm where imagination meets craftsmanship, the name Roy Karathra shines resplendently. With each piece of art he creates, a symphony of colors, shapes, and ideas come together to captivate the beholder’s soul. A true connoisseur of the medium, Roy Karathra’s artistic journey is one adorned with accolades, exhibitions, and boundless creativity.

Born in May 1968, Roy Karathra was destined for the world of art. His lineage, with his father K P Antony master (Universal Arts), a renowned Art Teacher, nurtured his artistic inclinations from a tender age. The captivating tapestry of paper collage, an art form where magazine cut pieces breathe life onto canvas and paper, became his cherished medium of expression.

Karathra’s artistic prowess began to bloom like a vibrant blossom, garnering praise and recognition in various forms. His talent, evident from a young age, saw him clinching numerous prizes in painting, pencil drawing, and clay modeling competitions during his school and college days, including the prestigious Keralotsav.

Karathra’s artistic odyssey reached a crescendo as he participated in the esteemed state exhibitions of Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy. His creations spoke volumes, earning him accolades and applause from both peers and art enthusiasts. Not content with the shadows, Roy Karathra stepped into the limelight with eight solo exhibitions that showcased the evolution of his artistic brilliance.

As a testament to his artistic versatility, Roy Karathra became a revered name in group exhibitions across the cultural landscapes of Kerala and Bangalore. His creations resonated within the heart of collective expression, a vibrant thread woven into the rich tapestry of art camps.

Roy Karathra’s address is a testament to his commitment to the world of art. Hailing from Thavundapurathazham on Edakkad Road, Easthill, Calicut, his passion and creativity extend beyond the canvas and into the very fabric of his life.

To connect with the maestro himself, reach out to Roy Karathra at 9446642350 or drop a line at roy9karathra@gmail.com. Explore his intricate world of paper collage and immerse yourself in the vivid stories his art narrates.

Roy Karathra’s journey is a symphony, an exploration of form, color, and expression that continues to resonate and inspire, transcending the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary.

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