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THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS AND WORDS: ‘Race for the Cure’ to conduct Sixth Edition of the Poetry Competition “Fino in Fondo” in Rome

In the context of the initiatives of the Race for the cure in Rome (Circo Massimo, 5-8 May 2022) on 5 May – 5.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m., at the Conference Area will take place THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS AND WORDS. Presentation of the Sixth Edition of the Poetry Competition “Fino in Fondo”.

The initiative aims to promote poetry as a tool to support those who live in painful situations related to illness, loneliness, death, suffering, abandonment, because it allows them to represent, process and transform to share with others even the most intimate and painful thoughts, thus reducing their destructive force.

The meeting is open to all. Special guests are “women in pink”, women who have faced or are experiencing breast cancer.
In the first part of the meeting, Maresa Berliri (volunteer, Komen Italia), Marinella Linardos (psycho-oncologist, Centro Integrato di Senologia Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli) and Arianna Saggio (Libero Pensiero) will address the theme of the “therapeutic” use of writing and poetry and will present the Sixth Edition of the poetry competition “Fino in Fondo”, open until 10 September 2022. The competition, organised by the Libero Pensiero association in support of the Komen Italia initiatives, intends to valorise Poetry remembering Francesca Voi, a young girl who fought for a long time against a terrible disease “Fino in Fondo”. The promotion of this Sixth Edition is supported by the Writers Capital International Foundation, the Cultural Association “Di Terra e di Parole”, the National Association of War Invalids and Mutilated – Barletta Branch, the National Association of Fighters and Veterans – Barletta Branch.

In the second part of the meeting, the participants will be given the opportunity to write one of their emotions, one of their thoughts using the form that each of them will prefer (a motto, a short poem, an aphorism, a sentence, etc.). The writings will then be shared with those present and subsequently published on the Fino in Fondo – https://www.facebook.com/premio.finoinfondo Facebook page.

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