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THE GENDER IMBALANCE: Poem by Jernail S Aanand

If you go anywhere,
You find men and men
And few women
Are they really small in number?
No, they are forced within
The four walls.

Now ‘thankfully’,
Homes have lost two walls
And roof too is cracked
And we can see the eternal prisoners
Enjoying sunbath and fresh air
On the outskirts of the darker times

Men supply the shortages
Of female colleagues
With a powerful dose
Of imagination.
Which mind is free
From feminine fantasies?

If both the sexes had got
Equal opportunities,
Civilization would have
Fared (faired) better,
Than limping on one leg
The other tied with apron strings.

They are neither weaker
Nor dependent on men,
Having endured untold suffering
They have proved their steadfastness
It is time to decide new mores
So that the balance is restored.

Forget it only at your peril
For every boy, a girl is born
Somewhere in the world
No human crook can belie
Gods’ sense of balance
Which we men both deny and defy.

Poem by
Jernail S Aanand
© Jernail S Aanand

Jernail S AanandDr Jernail Singh Anand is an Honorary Member of the Association of Serbian Writers. He is Prof Emeritus in Indian Literature at The European Institute of the Roma Studies and Research Belgrade. Dr Anand has authored more than 150 books in English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, spirituality and philosophy. He is credited with the theory of Biotext in critical theory. His work has been translated into more than twenty world languages. Author of 9 epics which are regarded as modern classics, Anand has organized 4 International Literary Conferences, latest of them, in Chandigarh. He was conferred Franz Kafka Laureateship 2022 and International Aco Karamanov Poetry Award 2022 (Mecedonia).



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Irene Doura
Irene Doura
8 months ago

“No human crook can belie
Gods’ sense of balance
Which we men both deny and defy.”

Such a wonderful message, indeed. We urgently need to restore the divine balance.
Congratulations, Dr. Jernail S Aanand!

Last edited 8 months ago by Irene Doura
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