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Sudhi Peepiy: A Fusion of Passion and Artistry

Step into the world of vivid hues and artistic passion as we delve into the captivating journey of Sudhi Peepiy, a versatile artist, art teacher, and a master of various mediums. Born in Chettuva, Thrissur district, Sudhi’s artistic voyage has spanned over 15 years, infusing life into canvases and igniting the creative spirits of his students.

From a young age, Sudhi was drawn to the world of art, with an innate fascination for water and its fluid forms. Growing up alongside rivers and the vast expanse of the sea, his love for water found expression through his breathtaking water-themed paintings. His medium of choice, watercolors, became a canvas for his artistic brilliance, propelling him to the Kerala State Exhibition and international watercolor society exhibitions.

Sudhi’s creations are a harmonious blend of color, vibrancy, and realism. His dedication to capturing the minutest details results in mesmerizing photo-realistic works that showcase his mastery over the art of portraiture. With a meticulous eye for detail, Sudhi’s paintings breathe life into everyday objects, elevating them to the realm of artistic marvels.

The pandemic-induced lockdown acted as a catalyst for Sudhi’s creative endeavors. His painting ‘Onions’ garnered international acclaim and spurred him to embark on an onion series, which ultimately earned him the prestigious Honorary Mention Award from the International Watercolor Society Argentina. This recognition was just the beginning of a series of achievements that marked Sudhi’s journey.

From the tranquil landscapes of Iran to the vibrant culture of Spain, Sudhi’s works have graced international exhibitions, earning accolades and appreciation from art enthusiasts worldwide. His dedication to his craft led to his inclusion as a global member of the International Watercolor Society.

As an art teacher, Sudhi’s infectious enthusiasm and energetic style inspire his students to embrace their inner artist. He channels the words of Pablo Picasso, reminding us that every child is an artist, and he encourages his students to keep that artistic spirit alive even as they grow older.

Sudhi Peepiy’s artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication. His vibrant colors and exquisite realism invite us into a world of creativity and wonder. Through his art, Sudhi paints not only with pigments but with emotions, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of life.

Join us in celebrating the achievements and boundless creativity of Sudhi Peepiy, an artist whose journey continues to inspire and illuminate the world of art.


  • International Watercolor Exhibition at Tehran, Iran – 2021
  • International Watercolor Society exhibition at Izmir, Turkey – 2023
  • International Watercolor Society exhibition at Cordoba, Spain – 2023
  • International Watercolor Society India Biennale at New Delhi – 2022
  • Painting selected for Kerala Lalithakala Academy State Exhibition – 2019
  • Solo Painting Exhibition at Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery, Kozhikode – 2022
  • Solo Painting Exhibition at Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery, Thrissur – 2019
  • Solo Painting Exhibition at Darbar hall Art Gallery, Kochi – 2020
  • ‘STURNALIA’ Group Painting Exhibitions at various galleries – 2019-2021
  • ‘EKYA’ group painting exhibition at David hall art gallery, Kochi – 2022
  • ‘The Silent Expression of Thoughts’ painting exhibition at ‘Nirvana’ art gallery, Mattancherry – 2023
  • ‘Karnataka Chithrakala Parishath’s Chithrasante-22’ at Bangalore – 2022


  • Honorable Mention Award from International Watercolor Society, Argentina
  • International Watercolor Society India Biennale award, New Delhi (brand award from ‘ETCHR’ watercolor brand, Australia)
  • Artist of the year – 2020 Award from ‘Wet Palette Watercolor movement’, Kochi – 2020
    Fourth prize in All India Art Contest – 2021
  • P.K Pushpangathan memorial award, Engandiyur – 2022

Sudhi Peepiy artistic journey is a remarkable saga of dedication, passion, and creativity that continues to inspire and illuminate the world of art. Join us in celebrating his vibrant artistry and unwavering commitment to the world of colors and emotions.

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