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Smaragdi Mitropoulou

Smaragdi Mitropoulou: Where Art, Poetry, and History Converge

Smaragdi Mitropoulou, born in Athens, is a multifaceted poet, artist and historian whose work has transcended borders and won acclaim both in Greece and abroad.

Smaragdi’s educational journey took her through the realms of History and Archaeology, where she honed her deep understanding of the past. Her academic pursuits led her to the United Kingdom, expanding her horizons and enriching her perspective.

But her talents extend beyond academia. She’s an accomplished poet and prose writer, with her literary works earning awards and recognition in Greece and beyond. Her poetry book “One Moment, Just an Eternity” and “Sounds in the Silence” have been translated into English, reaching audiences in the UK and India through Ontime Books and Pharos Books.

Smaragdi is not just a writer; she’s an artist with a unique vision. Her paintings and poems intertwine, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of emotion and history. Her artistic endeavors have taken her to numerous exhibitions across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Her works have been displayed in prestigious locations such as the Agios Athanasios Art Center in Naoussa, Paros, and the Villa Kosta in Nea Erythraia.

Smaragdi is a member of the Executive Board of the Writers Capital International Foundation, connecting writers and artists globally, and a Lifetime Fellow Member of the International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS) based in Japan. Her influence stretches across languages, with her poems translated into English, Chinese, Spanish, Bengali, and Taiwanese.

She’s not just an artist and writer; Smaragdi also delves into the art of photography. Her photographic exhibitions, like “Art: An Endless Journey into Light” and “When Resurrection Becomes Inspiration,” showcase her talent behind the lens.

In May 2023, Smaragdi presented two solo photography exhibitions titled “Life to Infinity” at the Art16 gallery in Kerameikos, Athens, highlighting her passion for photography.

Smaragdi Mitropoulou’s journey through art, literature, and history continues to inspire and bridge cultures, making her a prominent figure in the global artistic community.

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