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Panorama International Arts Festival Celebrates Outstanding Talent: PIAF Awards 2023

ATHENS, October 25, 2023 — In a dazzling evening that celebrated the fusion of creativity and skill, the Panorama International Arts Festival (PIAF) 2023 Awards ceremony illuminated Athens with the brilliance of exceptional artists, sculptors, photographers, and young talents. The event, held on October 25, recognized and honoured the outstanding contributions of artists from around the globe.

Panorama Golden Awards 2023 (Arts)

In a heartwarming tribute to a lifetime of artistic brilliance, renowned Italian artist Silla Maria Campanini was awarded the prestigious Panorama Golden Awards 2023 (Arts) for her outstanding contribution to the world of art. Her work, spanning decades, has not only inspired but also redefined the boundaries of artistic expression. This coveted award stands as a testament to her enduring legacy in the realm of creativity.

Panorama International Arts Awards 2023

Awe-inspiring painters were spotlighted at the Panorama International Arts Awards. Maria Kalatzi, Chryssa Charalabidou, Dan Neamu, Biju Zen, Kalabha Kesari, Georgiana Macovei, Vera Dan, Daniela Isache, Eleni Paraschidou, and Maria De Lourdes Endara were bestowed with the prestigious Panorama International Arts Award 2023 for their exceptional mastery of the canvas. Their artworks transcended boundaries, depicting a myriad of emotions and stories, captivating audiences worldwide.

Panorama International Sculpture Awards 2023

The Panorama International Sculpture Awards recognized the artistry in three dimensions. Lidia Nica, Shura Oyarce, Anna Athitaki, and Daniela Carletti were honored for their outstanding sculptures that breathed life into stone, metal, and other materials, showcasing the intricate blend of creativity and craftsmanship.

Panorama International Photography Awards 2023

Photography, a medium capturing the essence of moments, was celebrated through the Panorama International Photography Awards. Antonio Barbuto, Miquel Sebastian, Gloria Castaño, Heriberto Noppeney, Premrajj Kk, Antonella Giapponesi Tarenghi, Angeliki Giorgiadi, and Anne Marie Igounet were lauded for their captivating visual narratives, each frame telling a unique story.

Panorama International Youth Award For Arts 2023

The youth, a beacon of creativity, was acknowledged through the Panorama International Youth Award for Arts. Adrià Volta, Montserrat Licona, Shana Gokul, Letizia Caiazzo, Michael Kazemi, Elena Arsenidou, Fabio Petrilli, Filippo Papa, Euranie Cryzz, and Cassandra Alogoskoufi were honored for their exceptional talents, promising a vibrant future for the world of arts.

Panorama International Special Jury Awards 2023

In recognition of extraordinary contributions, the Panorama International Special Jury Awards were presented to Barbara Maresti, Llorenç Garrit, Matina Sioki, Meacham Layne, and Lidia Leventeris. These individuals stood out for their unique perspectives and innovative approaches, enriching the global artistic landscape.

The Panorama International Arts Festival continues to be a beacon for artists, encouraging creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of artistic excellence. As the curtains fall on this year’s awards ceremony, the anticipation for the upcoming Panorama International Literature Festival 2024 (PILF 2024) rises. Writers, poets, and artists worldwide are invited to participate in this grand celebration of creativity. Let your artistry shine on the global stage!

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Irene Doura
Irene Doura
6 months ago

An amazing Award Ceremony! Congratulations to all!

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