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Silla Maria Campanini: Painting Dreams, Shaping Realities – A Lifetime of Artistic Brilliance: Award Statement

It is with immense honor and deep respect that we bestow the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award upon Silla Maria Campanini at the Panorama International Arts Festival (PIAF) 2023. This accolade stands as a testament to a life devoted passionately to art, transcending the conventional boundaries of creativity and ushering viewers into a realm where imagination dances with reality.

Born amidst the picturesque landscapes of Italy’s Bologna, Silla’s journey into the world of art commenced with an innate fascination for the hues of the earth and the vibrancy of colors. From her earliest days, she displayed a rare affinity for the brush and canvas, manifesting a unique connection with the metaphysical essence of art.

Silla’s artistic odyssey not only led her to create masterpieces but also to share her wisdom. As an image educator and painting consultant, she imparted knowledge and inspiration to generations, fostering a legacy that resonates far beyond her native shores. Her influence stretched across public institutions, where her expertise illuminated the path for aspiring artists.

Her canvas, a sanctuary of innovative thought, painted narratives of peace and brotherhood, transcending geographical confines. With each stroke, she wove stories that harmonized the collective subconscious, inviting beholders on an enchanting expedition of self-discovery.

Internationally acclaimed, her works found their rightful places in art books, catalogues, prestigious galleries, and esteemed museums, becoming a source of inspiration for art enthusiasts globally. Alfredo Pasolino, a luminary in the art world, succinctly captured the essence of her creations – “Realistic, metaphysical, symbolist pictorial works that reveal the artist’s autobiographical tension, in a fantastic-realistic narrative form full of omens and intuitions.”

Yet, beyond her individual brilliance, Silla became the backbone of the Writers Capital International Foundation and Panorama Festival. Her tireless efforts and selfless dedication tirelessly forged connections, gathering a diverse community of artists and writers under our shared banner. Her contributions have been the cornerstone upon which our festivals have flourished, becoming beacons of creativity and cultural exchange.

In honouring Silla Maria Campanini with the Lifetime Achievement Award, we recognize not only her artistic genius but also her invaluable role as a unifying force in the global artistic community. May her legacy continue to inspire generations, reminding us all of the transformative power of art.

Presented with deepest admiration and gratitude,
Panorama International Arts Festival Committee

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