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Nature’s Timeless Palette: The Artistic Journey of Shyju Azhikode

Hailing from Azhikode, Kannur, Shyju Azhikode has emerged as a celebrated artist known for his captivating paintings that beautifully depict the ever-changing seasons and the profound beauty of nature. With his unique watercolor wash style and a portfolio of over 1300 recent paintings, Shyju’s artwork carries a sense of timelessness and an unwavering connection to the natural world.

Growing up in Azhikode, Shyju’s love for art was nurtured from a young age. He discovered his passion for capturing the beauty of nature on canvas, a fascination that would guide his artistic journey in the years to come. Inspired by the scenic landscapes and diverse elements of his surroundings, Shyju’s artwork began to reflect the deep connection he felt with the world around him.

Through the use of watercolors, pen, and pencil, Shyju skillfully brings his artistic vision to life, captivating viewers with his ability to evoke the essence of different seasons and landscapes. His paintings display a mastery of techniques, creating an interplay of colors and textures that make each piece come alive. From the vibrant hues of summer to the serene beauty of winter, Shyju’s artwork resonates with viewers, transporting them to a world where nature takes center stage.

Shyju’s artistic journey was shaped by the guidance and encouragement he received from renowned painters Saddu Aliyur and Lohitakshan. Their mentorship played a pivotal role in honing his skills and refining his unique watercolor wash style. Inspired by their teachings, Shyju embraced the medium of watercolors, allowing him to capture the delicate nuances and ephemeral qualities of nature.

With a strong educational foundation, Shyju studied at Azhikode Government High School before pursuing a diploma in textile technology. Seeking to further his artistic education, he enrolled at Geetanjali College of Fine Arts in Kannur, where he delved deeper into his passion for painting. After working as a painter in the Gulf for a decade, Shyju returned to his roots and currently serves as an art teacher at the Cochin Kalabhavan branch in Kannur. Through his role as an art educator, Shyju imparts his knowledge and passion for art to aspiring artists, nurturing the next generation of creative minds.

Shyju’s paintings have garnered recognition through their participation in art camps and film exhibitions. Additionally, his sketches have been featured in various magazines, capturing the intricate details of old buildings, temples, and Theiya. His commitment to preserving the beauty of heritage and architecture is evident in these meticulous sketches, which serve as a testament to his artistic versatility and attention to detail.

Beyond his artistic accomplishments, Shyju finds support and inspiration in his family. His wife, KV Sreeja, and their children, Sayashyju and Adishkrishna, are constant sources of encouragement, providing a strong foundation for his creative pursuits. Shyju’s brothers, Sujith and the late Ranjith, also share a deep connection and appreciation for his artistic journey, further reinforcing his dedication to his craft.

As we immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of Shyju Azhikode’s artwork, we are reminded of the profound beauty and interconnectedness of nature. Through his paintings, Shyju invites us to pause, appreciate, and celebrate the timeless wonders that surround us. His ability to capture the essence of seasons and landscapes serves as a reminder of the ever-present magic in the world, waiting to be discovered and cherished.

With his unwavering commitment to his craft, Shyju Azhikode continues to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts with his remarkable talent and artistic vision. His artwork serves as a testament to the transformative power of art and the enduring connection between humans and nature. As we explore his paintings, let us embark on a journey of discovery, connecting with the timeless beauty that unfolds on Shyju’s canvas.

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Attrayee Adhya Chatterjee
Attrayee Adhya Chatterjee
10 months ago

Amazing art. Shyju’s art has an ethereal quality alongwith a very evocative earthiness. This article beautifully details the range and dominant qualities of the artist’s work.

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