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MY LAMP: Poem by Laksmísree Banerjee

A lighted lamp in my corner
the universe aglow outside with
speed of reeling galaxies…

immeasurable stars criss- cross
scintillation whizzing past
the orioles, planets, comets

all across the multiverse
speeding inconceivable
through countless light years

born with the Big Bang
they say without a Creator
auto life and auto fire burning

with stupendous black holes
sucking in all illumination
yet ceaseless birth of light

Big Bang they say was the source with no architect
yet zigzag lights, shades, spaces,
time constant and moving in hourglasses

hope and faith wane with
the dying sunny day
my lamp still flickers in the corner

the planets and starry skies
fade under its shadow
a mini black hole right under its eye

I place my lamp at the shrine
vague, unknown in its existentialism
the black circular aura under its shine

the stupendous black holes swallowing
and theoretical Big Bangs call-out
searching for the arch Creator still

at last I hold my lamp up to the pinnacle
negating all darkness underneath
as appearance and reality twist and twine

the puny glow reflects now forever
the light of a zillion suns in my third eye
emanating from my heart of faith….

Poem by
Prof (Dr) Laksmísree Banerjee

About the Poet

Laksmisree BanerjeeProf. Dr Laksmisree Banerjee is an Award-Winning Globally well-known Poet, Litterateur, Editor, Writer, Vocalist, Ex Vice Chancellor and University Professor of English and Cultural Studies. She is a Sr. Fulbright, Commonwealth and National Scholar of the University of Calcutta. Widely published and anthologised, she has Nine Books of Poetry to her credit and One Hundred Research / Academic Publications including Books. She is the Recipient of the International Reuel Lifetime Achievement Award, Literoma Laureate Lifetime Achievement Award for Art and Literature, the UGC Grants Postdoctoral Research Award for her groundbreaking Work on World Women Poetry, the Kala Ratnam Award, Two Women Achievers Awards, Honour of Connoisseur of the Literary Arts (Tunisian Asian Society) and many more. She is a Sr. Rotarian, Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, and the Indian President’s Nominee on Boards of Central Universities. Dr Banerjee believes in using her Pen and Voice for Social Justice, Transformation and International Goodwill.

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Irene Doura
Irene Doura
1 year ago

Let us all follow the light…

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