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Mihaela Știrbu

Mihaela Știrbu: A Journey Through Art and Symbolism

Mihaela Știrbu, a gifted artist based in Iasi, Romania, has masterfully woven her artistic narrative through a rich tapestry of experiences and inspirations. Her journey, marked by creativity and passion, has led to a diverse and prolific artistic career that continues to captivate audiences around the world.

A Flourishing Education

Mihaela’s artistic voyage commenced at the George Enescu University of Arts in Iași, Romania. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and artistic growth soon led her beyond national borders. Scholarships opened the doors to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Murcia, Vienna, and Budapest, enhancing her skills and exposing her to diverse artistic influences. She then undertook master’s studies at the University of Arts in Bucharest, further solidifying her expertise and dedication to her craft.

A Member of the Union of Visual Artists

Since 2007, Mihaela Știrbu has been a proud member of the Union of Visual Artists from Romania, Iași Branch. Her artistic journey commenced during her college years and has only blossomed since then.

A Unique Artistic Language

Mihaela’s artistic expression is a fusion of decorative and graphic art, a testament to her passion and dedication to her craft. Over time, she has meticulously crafted her own unique artistic language, characterized by a distinct style that is instantly recognizable. Her works, brought to life through mixed graphics, are more than just visuals – they are profound narratives and poems on canvas.

Complex Symbolism and Allegory

Mihaela’s creations are marked by complex allegorical imagery and symbolic motifs. Her art is presented through a unique mixed vision that adeptly blends stylization with a plethora of characters. The result is a metaphorical and almost dreamlike journey that invites viewers to delve deep into her narratives. Signs and symbols skillfully incorporated onto traditional mediums carry profound polyvalent meanings, offering endless layers of interpretation.

Awards and Accolades

Mihaela’s talent has been recognized and celebrated in various exhibitions, festivals, and international art salons. Her achievements include numerous prizes, awards, and diplomas of excellence, such as the prestigious Graphics Prize at the Panorama International Arts Festival in 2022 and the Graphics Award at the Exhibition of the Eminesciana International Visual Creation Competition in 2022. These accolades are a testament to her remarkable skill and creativity.

Publications and Contributions

Mihaela’s works have been featured in various volumes and art catalogs, cementing her place in the contemporary art scene. She has contributed to specialized articles, created graphic concepts, and provided illustrations for book covers and manuals. Her art has adorned churches, murals, and private collections in Romania and abroad, including Spain, Belgium, Italy, Canada, and the USA.

An Artist’s Ongoing Journey

Mihaela Știrbu’s artistic journey is far from over. Her plans for the future include an individual exhibition showcasing works created with pencil, charcoal, and color, offering audiences a new dimension of her artistry.

Mihaela Știrbu’s art is a mesmerizing tapestry of creativity, symbolism, and profound narratives. It’s a testament to her unwavering dedication to the world of art, and her contributions continue to enrich the global art community.

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