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Filia Tzieraki Iordanoglou: The Artist from Crete Painting Her Journey

Born in 1955 in Heraklion, Crete, Filia Tzieraki Iordanoglou relocated to Athens at a young age. She later pursued hairstyling at the “Golden Comb” academy, where she graduated with distinction. While her journey with art began in her youth, it wasn’t until 2012 that she intensified her artistic pursuits, enrolling in a school of design and painting. Since then, she has participated in several group art exhibitions, earning praise and positive reviews.

A Member of P.E.L.T.

As a member of the P.E.L.T. art community, Filia has contributed to numerous exhibitions at various locations, including the Egyptian Embassy, Flisvos in P. Faliro, Helioupoli, the Old Railway Station of OSE, and the Athens Heart Mall. Her art was also featured in a recent online exhibition with the DIONI ART GALLERY at Athens Heart Mall.

Published in Art Anthologies

Filia’s works are part of DIONI’s book “Zografos kai Agiografos tou Parontos” (“Painters and Iconographers of the Present”). She has also been featured in the art anthology “Anthologio Eikaston” by Ostrakon Publications.

Independent Group Exhibitions

Her art has been displayed in independent group exhibitions at prominent cultural centers, including the Korydallos Cultural Center “Melina Mercouri,” Naos Texnis 8 in the West, the Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus, and the Acharnon Town Hall.

Collaborations and Exhibitions

Filia has participated in exhibitions organized by the APELLE art group at the “Contemporary Space Athens” gallery, the Hellenic-French Association, and the Municipal Art Gallery of Kallithea. She also contributed to an event held at the Piraeus Municipal Theater by the Philological Shelter of Piraeus, which aimed to donate art to the Metaxa Hospital.

Future Plans

Filia’s future plans include organizing a solo exhibition featuring works created with pencils, charcoal, and color.

Filia Tzieraki Iordanoglou’s artistic journey, which began in Crete and blossomed in Athens, continues to evolve, offering audiences a glimpse into her unique creative vision. Through her participation in exhibitions, publications, and future endeavors, she keeps pushing the boundaries of her artistry.

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