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Poem by Navneet Grewal

MATERNAL ROLES : Poem by Navneet Grewal

Today it asks for more
a part of me it takes ashore
mutating which each bond
a celebration to denounce duly

awkward requests piercing her existence
yet a sage of sacrificing in bits
aghast with what the mirror reflects
she bleeds to cleanse her soul

anticipating the burlesque pittance
a pedestal crooked visualizing it all
in all ages
in all phases
in every part
in every role

admonish to oscillate
this life in a repeat
to and fro her pendulum ticks
a vape of unending more

she stands in spaces
to be clustered again
with the emotional chores
I am different
I am me
a humor insolent in every roar
completing so many incapacitated
this treasure of virtues sure

a panacea
an amrit
sprinkled in every core

on the boundaries sitting helplessly
cheering the war, she knows she can’t win
yet dutifully dressing
each rival before
yet lovingly dressing
each loved one before.

Navneet Grewal

©Navneet Gill Grewal

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Irene Doura
Irene Doura
1 year ago

Wonderful poem!

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