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Maria Retali: A Renaissance Soul Painting with Words

Maria Retali, a name synonymous with artistic elegance, was born in the enchanting city of Nafplio. An artist who defies boundaries, she has masterfully blended the realms of painting and poetry to create a rich tapestry of expression.

In 2011, Maria unveiled her inaugural poetry collection titled “Sense and Passion Conflict.” This literary endeavor was not just confined to the Greek-speaking audience but extended its arms to embrace the English language as well. A testament to her versatility as an artist.

Her poetic journey took an impressive leap in 2014 when she was bestowed with the second prize in the UNESCO of Arts, Letters, and Sciences of Greece literary competition for her mesmerizing poem, “The Journey.” This recognition catapulted her into the spotlight, marking the beginning of her ascent in the literary world.

2015 witnessed Maria’s international debut as she graced the International Literature Conference in Pleven, Bulgaria. Her verses, steeped in emotion and insight, transcended language barriers, with some of her poems being beautifully translated into Bulgarian and published in a Literary Works Miscellany volume, exclusively crafted for the conference.

The year also brought another feather to her literary cap. She successfully proposed and witnessed the realization of a 420-page volume, a treasure trove of contemporary Greek poetry, where she proudly contributed eight of her own poems. This monumental project, executed by the Group for UNESCO TLEE, cemented her place as a notable voice in Greek poetry.

2017 marked the release of her second poetry book, “Libation to Love.” Like its predecessor, this collection was a bilingual masterpiece, adorned with Greek and English verses. It was also later translated into Bulgarian, ensuring that her lyrical musings reached a broader international audience.

Maria’s literary prowess extends far beyond the realms of her books. In 2017, she participated in the 1st Yakamochi Intellectual World Poetry Competition in Japan. This prestigious event, hosted by the Koshinokuni Literature Museum, is a gathering of accomplished poets from around the world, a testament to Maria’s remarkable contributions to poetry.

Beyond her literary endeavors, Maria Retali is a dedicated humanitarian. She’s been an active member of the World Philosophical Forum since its inception in 2010, earning accolades such as the Certificate of Achievement and the Certificate of the Citizen of the World of the 21st Century for her unwavering commitment to the organization’s principles and goals.

In her hometown, Nafplion, she’s a proud member of the Palamidis historical-progress promoting Association, and in Greece, she’s a member of the Association for UNESCO of Arts, Letters, and Sciences. Her reach extends to the islands, where she’s a member of the Association for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands. Her involvement in the Scoubi Association of Pictorial Arts and Literature on the island of Andros underscores her deep connection with the arts.

Maria Retali is a shining light in international peace initiatives, having earned numerous awards for her tireless efforts. She serves as an Ambassadress for the HITMA Org in Kurdistan and the One Earth-One Family international Organization in Taiwan. Her commitment to culture and humanitarianism earned her the prestigious International Woman Inspiration Award in 2021, bestowed by the Writers Capital International Foundation.

As her impressive body of work continues to grow, including “Sense and Passion Conflict” and “Libation to Love,” Maria Retali stands as a true renaissance soul, painting the world with her words and touching hearts with her actions. Her artistry knows no bounds, and her humanitarian spirit knows no borders.

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