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Lidia Nica: Breathing Life into Broken Glass

Born on June 12, 1959, in Pitesti, Romania, Lidia Nica’s artistic journey began at a young age. She graduated from the German High School in Pitesti before attending the International School of Informatics, Accounting, Design, and more. Her passion for art was nurtured throughout her childhood, and she actively participated in art exhibitions and events.

A Legacy of Art

Lidia’s artistic roots run deep within her family. Her father was not only a sculptor but also a writer and art collector with a personal museum spanning nearly 50 years. It was under this creative influence that Lidia ventured into the world of art. Even during her teenage years, she held solo exhibitions showcasing her talent in sculpture and painting. Notably, she promoted “The Youngest Painter in Romania,” featuring the works of 3-year-old Irina Maria Aldea.

Over the years, Lidia has exhibited her creations at various prestigious venues, including the Palace of the Parliament, Crowne Plaza, Elite for Art, Pitesti Cultural Center, Bratianu Cultural Center, and many more.

The Broken Glass Technique: A Unique Innovation

One of Lidia Nica’s most distinctive contributions to the art world is the Broken Glass Technique. This innovative approach involves recycling shattered glass to create stunning works of art. She believes that anyone’s life can shatter like glass, but with love, soul, and patience, even the most fragmented existence can be transformed into something luminous and meaningful.

As Lidia eloquently puts it, “Any person’s life can become… shards, but if you put love, soul, and patience into it, you can give light, beauty, meaning to anything useless… adding value to the original value.. ” LOVE is the BREATH of life.

Exploring the Art of Broken Glass

  • “Phoenix” – Lidia Nica’s Broken Glass Art: “A phoenix bird sails within each of us… We die with every deception;… we are reborn with every love…” Lidia Nica’s work captures the essence of rebirth and renewal.
  • “Tree of Knowledge” – Broken Glass Art by Lidia Nica: “We are children of the light, born of the Love of Heaven and Earth, and their breath is Life…” Lidia’s art reflects the profound connection between humanity and the universe.
  • “Seasons of Love” – Broken Glass Art by Lidia Nica: “The flight of the years, covered by divine eating, with flights and falls… The breath of life…” Lidia’s creations encapsulate the journey of life with all its ups and downs.
  • “The Rainer” – Art of Broken Glass by Lidia Nica: “We are born from stardust, and in the end, we perish in stardust… The magician who exhales light, energy, life is Love.” Lidia Nica’s art speaks to the cosmic origins and the power of love.

Lidia Nica’s artistic path is a testament to the transformative nature of creativity and the enduring power of love. Through her Broken Glass Technique, she breathes new life into discarded fragments, reminding us that, with love, even the most shattered pieces can become something beautiful and meaningful.

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