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Lidia Noemí Sifonios: Bridging Art and Ancestry

Born on February 1, 1954, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lidia Noemí Sifonios embarked on a remarkable journey that intertwined her passion for art with her profound connection to her Greek heritage. She later adopted the artistic pseudonym Leventeris, a tribute to her paternal family’s original surname before their migration from Rhodes to Buenos Aires.

Lidia’s educational path led her to study Physical Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. Simultaneously, she was nurturing her artistic calling under the guidance of renowned Argentine masters such as Roberto Aizenberg, Américo Balan, and Juan Doffo. This dual pursuit laid the foundation for her lifelong dedication to both art and academia.

Exploring Art and Society

Driven by a deep interest in memory, tradition, history, and the intricate web of social influences on human existence, Lidia embarked on studies in Social Sciences at the National University of Quilmes. Here, she delved deeper into Contextual Aesthetics, a field that would profoundly shape her artistic perspective.

As her academic career blossomed, Lidia also began her journey as an art educator at the university level. This parallel exploration of art and academia enriched her understanding of the profound connections between culture, heritage, and creativity.

Masters in Argentine and Latin American Art

Lidia’s pursuit of knowledge led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Argentine and Latin American Art at the National University of San Martin. This academic endeavor offered her a fresh perspective rooted in her own heritage and origins, providing a rich tapestry for her artistic expression.

Influences from Around the World

Lidia’s art journey extended far beyond her homeland. Her extensive travels to historically rich cities such as Athens, Crete, Moscow, Prague, Madrid, Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam left an indelible mark on her artistic sensibilities. These experiences served as a wellspring of inspiration, infusing her work with a global perspective.

Art on the Global Stage

Participation in various international art events, including the Paris International Art Fair, the São Paulo Biennial, the Venice Biennale, and the Affordable Art Fair in New York, expanded Lidia’s artistic horizons. It allowed her to appreciate the depth of art’s impact on society and its universal language.

A Pivotal Moment: Pandemic Art

A transformative moment in Lidia’s artistic journey occurred with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her work, “Sowing the Fields of Troy,” was chosen to represent Argentina in the exhibition “Intelligence Generator” (ΝΟΗΜΟΣΥΝΗ ΣΜΗΝΟΥΣ). This prestigious exhibition featured painters from the Greek diaspora and coincided with a production of Aristophanes’ “Ornithes,” directed by Giannis Rigas and presented by the National Theatre of Greece. The exhibition traveled to various Greek amphitheaters, including the Forest Theatre, Epidaurus, Thessaloniki, Philippi, and Athens.

This moment was transformative for Lidia, as she realized her artistic path was deeply intertwined with her spiritual connection to her Greek ancestors.

Honoring Ancestry Through Art

Lidia’s art serves as a bridge between her Argentinian identity and her Greek heritage. Her work, which reimagines Greek myths in a contemporary context, has found a permanent home in the Cultural Heritage of the National Theatre of Greece, where it continues to inspire and captivate audiences.

A Continuing Journey

Lidia’s artistic journey is marked not only by her impressive body of work but also by her commitment to exploring the enduring influence of Greece and Hellenic culture in the Western world. Through her participation in the International Hellenic Congress NOSTOS, she has contributed to the ongoing conversation about the profound impact of Greek civilization on art, science, and democracy.

Lidia Noemí Sifonios has not only created art but also forged connections with her ancestors through her work. Through her words and images, she honors her grandmother Elena Sifonios, creating a timeless dialogue that transcends generations.

As a descendent of Greek heritage and a dedicated artist, Lidia Noemí Sifonios continues to craft a legacy that bridges the past, present, and future through the powerful language of art.

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