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Katerina Anastasiadou: Economist, Author, and Artist Extraordinaire

Katerina Anastasiadou, a multifaceted talent, was born and raised in Athens, Greece. With a background in Economics and Marketing, she spent many years working for a prominent Public Insurance Organization before retiring. However, her journey didn’t stop there.

For over two decades, Katerina has been dedicated to personal development and entrepreneurship, actively participating in seminars and workshops hosted by the N21 organization. Her commitment to growth and knowledge-sharing led her to deliver insightful speeches within the N21 community.

Recently, Katerina achieved a significant milestone in her career as an author with her debut book, “Έτσι Ακριβώς” (“Just Like That”), published by 24 Grammata. This book focuses on personal development, allowing her to impart the wisdom and experiences she has gathered over the years to a broader audience.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Katerina has an unquenchable passion for life and art. Her artistic expressions find inspiration in her beloved homeland, Greece. Through her artistry, she vividly captures the essence of her country on paper and canvas.

Katerina Anastasiadou’s life is beautifully intertwined with her roles as a wife and mother of three. Her journey is a testament to the boundless potential within every individual, regardless of their chosen path.

Discover more about Katerina’s inspiring story and her artistic creations as she continues to leave an indelible mark on both the literary and artistic worlds.

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10 months ago

Great person !!!

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